Best Warehouse Stock Security Tips

For people managing a warehouse, shrinkage of the inventory, losing stock, or theft are problems. See the best warehouse stock security tips

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 25, 2022
Best Warehouse Stock Security Tips

For people managing a warehouse, shrinkage of the inventory, losing the stock, or theft are major problems. Cargo theft is another factor that always draws concerns for manufacturers. Therefore, warehouse safety and security are something that always needs to be taken into consideration. Below are some safety and security tips. In this article, you’ll see the best warehouse stock security tips.

Best Warehouse Stock Security Tips

Use a proper access control system:

To keep the items in the inventory safe and secure, the inventory manager should try to control the access to the stock. Devising an access control system means using such a mechanism by which only authentic people will be able to access the inventory items. The inventory manager can manage and create an environment of high security that will ensure that ill-intentioned people will not be able to enter the stock room 

2. Organize the stock appropriately:

Sometimes, theft control becomes possible simply by appropriately organizing the inventory. In addition to it, cargo loss can also prevent by the simple organization. Generally, theft or cargo loss occurs when the items from the stock are to place close to shipping and receiving areas. People don’t move the stock because they find it hard. However, using the best walkie stackers at Adaptalift Group can help a lot. 

3. Use alarm system: Warehouse stock security

If you want to deter theft attempts easily, the use of an alarm system can play the best role. The alarm considers an essential part of warehouse security across the world. The alarm summons the police on time to prevent the theft attempt. Some warehouse owners also use silent alarms because they alarm the police silently and help it reach the site silently 

4. Carry out cycle counting:

Many managers ensure that they keep checking on each and every part of the inventory. It means, they don’t interrupt the daily operations and keep checking silently. For this, all you need to do is count the inventory items present in various locations of the warehouse stock. This count can be out once a week or month also. 

Counting is helpful because it makes it very easy for you to detect theft. If you have a strict system of access control, you can also spot the person involved in the act of embezzlement. Counting also unearths all the possible discrepancies and thus, theft is spotted right away 

5. Make the management work visible: Warehouse stock security

In some stock rooms, the management is present but it does not show its presence and thus, compromises the security of the stock. If you have hired a manager to take care of the stock room, ask him to take his responsibilities seen by everyone. Ask him to walk around, ask everyone working in the warehouse about different things, have a look at customers’ orders, and do some other managerial tasks 

The bottom line:

Ensuring all the above-mentioned steps ensures security to some extent only. To have more efficient security, you will be in the need to adopt some additional mechanisms. 

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