Best Ways To Monetize On Pinterest: Make Money With Pinterest Guide

Make money with Pinterest, and know the best ways to monetize on Pinterest; Whether you're a content creator, running an e-commerce business

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on July 25, 2022
Best Ways To Monetize On Pinterest: Make Money With Pinterest Guide

Make money with Pinterest, and know the best ways to monetize on Pinterest; Whether you’re a content creator, running an e-commerce business, or trying to drive traffic to your blog, Pinterest can be a great monetization tool.

If your target customers are on Pinterest, chances are they’re ready to buy. According to Pinterest demographics, 45% of U.S. adults with a household income of more than $100,000 a year are active on the platform. Additionally, 83% of Pinterest users make purchases based on what they see on the platform.

Best Ways To Monetize On Pinterest: Make Money With Pinterest Guide

Best Ways To Monetize On Pinterest: Make Money With Pinterest Guide

If you’re not making money from Pinterest, now is a good time to start. To help you make Pinterest a better fit for your business, check out the tips below.

Here are the best ways to monetize on Pinterest

Start a blog

There are many articles on this list that can help you make money from Pinterest, but blogging has the highest earning potential (and it’s far away).

Over the years, Pinterest has grown into a massive platform that allows bloggers to reach millions of people online every year. It’s widely believed that Pinterest is just another social media platform like Instagram, TikTok, etc. — but that’s not the case. Instead, it does a better job of helping bloggers monetize their content.

Just as you might have found this article by typing “how to make money on Pinterest” into Google, the same thing happens with Pinterest. So, it’s a search engine, but it’s based on images rather than text.

Because of this, bloggers, from food bloggers to personal finance bloggers, have been very successful in many different areas with Pinterest marketing.

Here’s a quick and dirty version of making money blogging on Pinterest:

  • Pick a blogging niche (food, personal finance, fashion, etc.)
  • Create and publish content on your blog and monetize with ads, affiliate products, and even sponsored placements
  • Create a Pinterest account
  • And create a Pin (i.e., a fun image showing the content of your blog post – see below)
  • Post pictures to Pinterest

Of course, it’s more than that, but that’s how it essentially works. When Pinterest users search for content related to your blog post, they can see your Pin, click on it, and ultimately see your ad or buy your product.

The best part is that it is scalable. There are many bloggers who make thousands to hundreds of thousands of dollars a month everywhere.

Become a Pinterest virtual assistant to monetize on Pinterest

Pinterest’s Virtual Assistant maintains the accounts of other users. You can create and promote pins and plan your brand’s content. If you want to make money as a Pinterest VA, create an account to show off your skills. Then sell the service on your website or contact your favorite brand to provide the service.

Generate traffic to your eCommerce products

If you sell products online, one of the simplest ways to drive more sales is to pin your product pages directly to Pinterest. Creating pins linked directly to your online shop can generate meaningful traffic when paired with the keywords your ideal customers are searching for.

Before you start sharing your products on Pinterest, make sure you’ve enabled Rich Pins, which syncs the latest information from your website into any pins created from your site. 

Product Rich Pins can pull the most up-to-date price and inventory; you don’t have to manually update existing pins because you can use the product description on the website.

Rich Pins are free to use and only require adding a bit of code to your website. New websites requesting Rich Pins are typically approved within 24 hours.

Create pins for your affiliate partnerships

Affiliate marketing is a popular tactic for marketers and entrepreneurs to build passive income. As an affiliate, you can receive a commission anytime someone purchases from your unique link to a product or service.

So, to leverage Pinterest for your affiliate marketing efforts, consider creating pins that link directly to your affiliate links or to blog posts or YouTube videos that incorporate your affiliate links.

By sharing your affiliate links on Pinterest, they can be found by anyone searching for that particular product, earning you a commission if they make a purchase.

Here are a few best practices to keep in mind when using Pinterest to make affiliate sales:

  • Disclose when affiliate links are present. Per FTC guidelines, clearly state when affiliate links are shared within a piece of content.
  • Only share direct links. Pinterest discourages the use of link shorteners or tools that disguise the final URL when sharing affiliate links.
  • Optimize your pins for keywords related to affiliate products. The beauty of Pinterest is that it operates as a search engine. When your content features keywords users are searching for, the content is more likely to generate clicks and engagement, leading to increased sales.

Send traffic to your blog to monetize on Pinterest

Whether you rely on web traffic for advertising revenue or as part of an inbound marketing approach, you can incorporate Pinterest into your traffic-building strategy to drive revenue. 

Ranking for keywords on Google can be a complex, time-consuming endeavor. However, ranking for keywords on Pinterest can be more straightforward and lead to meaningful traffic gains.

According to Pinterest, 85% of users turn to Pinterest to start a new project or learn something new. So if you’re creating helpful content that aligns with the keywords your potential audience is searching for, you can potentially capture some of this search traffic through Pinterest.

Here are some tips to help you grow your web traffic through Pinterest:

  • Use Pinterest Trends to discover which keywords are trending with Pinterest users.
  • Create multiple pins for each blog post with an optimized title, description, and image that align with the keywords users are searching for.
  • Save your pins to boards with optimized titles and descriptions incorporating the keywords users are searching for.
  • Create article Rich Pins from your website to incorporate the blog post title, description, and author information in your pins.

So, use Pinterest to increase traffic to your e-commerce site.

Whether you have Shopify or Etsy, if you have an e-commerce site, you can increase traffic to your site and make money on Pinterest. But again, we’re not making money directly from Pinterest; we’re using Pinterest’s powerful search engine.

Here’s why Pinterest is an essential tool for your eCommerce site:

  • 90% of users say Pinterest helps make purchase decisions 
  •  78% say it’s useful to see the brand content they saw on Pinterest 
  •  66% buy something after seeing it on Pinterest 
  •  Pinterest is 33% more traffic to shopping sites than Facebook

And if you’re an online store owner, you can use Pinterest as a blogger. Create pins to promote new products, assemble boards for different styles or themes, do keyword research, and more.

For eCommerce owners looking to learn how to make money on Pinterest, one thing I didn’t mention is the so-called Promoted Pins. These are Pinterest’s version of Facebook ads. They look like regular pins, but they are advertisements.

You can optimize your Promoted Pins to achieve different goals (traffic, brand awareness, app installs, etc.). For example, you can put ads in browse mode.

But you can also do this in search mode, where you choose the keywords users to need to search for to see your ad. This is an advantageous position because you’ll get ads in front of people specifically looking for your product. Or at least those who love it.

Gain a skill from Pinterest and monetize it

So, another way to look at Pinterest is to use a large learning library. You can put the most random ones there and find someone somewhere fixing something to it. You can learn how to decorate cakes, make furniture, and make origami stars. Not only can you find these various things, but you can also collect and organize them.

So, what if you did something with all the knowledge you gathered? There’s a lot you can learn on Pinterest. Many of them are marketable skills.

  • You can start a podcast and then make money. 
  • You can make those flashy signs that can be seen everywhere and learn how to sell them-Facebook trading groups are a great place to start selling. 
  • And you can learn how to calligraphy and get rewarded for making signs, addressing flashy letters, and making invitations. 
  • Learn how to knit, crochet, and sell hats, scarves, toys, and more. 
  • You can improve your photography skills and eventually sell your photos to stock photo sites, take portrait photos, take family photos, and even take wedding photos. 

This is just part of what you can learn on Pinterest. So, instead of focusing on making money from Pinterest, think about what you can learn from Pinterest. And here’s the cool part: depending on what you decide to do, you can look back at Pinterest to promote your product or service.

Sell Pinterest templates to monetize on Pinterest

Many Pinterest users rely on their sites to increase traffic to their online content and products. Also, certain types of images and design elements are more likely to work well on your site. For example, many eye-catching pins include an image with text over it. Your templates may consist of the basic format of these images. So your customers can insert their images and headlines.

Teach Pinterest marketing

If you’re a Pinterest pro, tell other online entrepreneurs about your strategy for a fee. Then launch the website and use the various modules to create an online course. It can also be included in the content through other social media platforms and marketing strategies.

So, how to make more money from your Pinterest business account

So, once you’ve decided how to make money on Pinterest with your own strategy, you’re not done. You need to create consistent content and sell your pins on a regular basis. These tips will help you reach more users and make more money.

Find your niche

So, a focused Pinterest account is more likely to attract enthusiastic followers. For example, you can focus on DIY content, fashion, or home decor. Perform a keyword survey to find the most relevant terms

Fill in your Pinterest profile

Sign up for a Pinterest business account to create a name, description, and link. These must contain related keywords to help attract related followers. For example, a new blogger may describe a blogging journey in the description to attract like-minded bloggers.

Improve Pinterest SEO

Pinterest users often find content from Google or the Pinterest search bar. Therefore, include keywords related to the profile and description of each Pin. Browse popular content in your niche to find ideas.

Research your target audience

Audiences can influence how your site is marketed to users. For example, you can tailor content for professional bloggers, housewives, or new homeowners. To narrow this down, look at your own blog niche or your current customer demographics.

Increase your Pinterest followers

Using Pinterest isn’t the same as using other social platforms that rely solely on followers for traffic. However, the more followers you have, the more people may come across your content. Increase the number of followers by interacting with other users and linking them to your profile.

 Join group boards to monetize on Pinterest

Pinterest also offers a group board that allows multiple Pinterest accounts to upload content. Due to content consistency, we have many followers. Join the niche to expand your reach.

Sign up for an affiliate program

If you want to make money from Pinterest affiliate marketing, you need your own affiliate link. Sites such as Amazon, RewardStyle, and ShareASale welcome all online influencers to share their own referral links with pins.

Research Pinterest analytics

Once you’ve set up your own Pinterest account, watch your stats to see what works best. If a particular pin type is always superior to other pin types, keep an eye on its content style in the future.

Launch your own website to monetize on Pinterest

Having your own website can help you monetize through physical or digital products. Or you can make money there through advertising and affiliate relationships. So, Pinterest is a free tool that can increase traffic.

Promote pins on other social media sites

So, if you already have a lot of followers on other social platforms, use them on Pinterest as well. Increase followers and engagement by regularly linking to your account or individual pins or boards.


So, you don’t need a million followers to make money on Pinterest. In fact, anyone who puts affiliate links in their pins or offers products on their website can make money online using the above strategies. 

However, followers and engagement can impact your bottom line. People with at least thousands of followers probably have the social capital to generate affiliate income or partner with brands.