WordPress is one of the most popular platforms for managing a website. That’s partially due to the wide range of plugins and upgrades WordPress users can take advantage of. These tools help users customize their sites, analyze their traffic, attract guests, and more. See the best tools to translate websites.

Of these available tools, there are several translation plugins available that make it easy to translate your website content into another language. This helps you reach a bigger audience, and depending on your industry can be essential for your success. For example, if your site is devoted to elearning and digital education, a plugin for educational translation can be crucial for reaching and engaging a global audience of students.

The Best Ways to Translate Websites are These 5 Programs 1
The Best Ways to Translate Websites are These 5 Programs


While you’ll get the best results by hiring a professional translation firm, if you’re on a budget or in a hurry, WordPress plugins can be useful. Of course, they’re not all equally effective. The following are five of the best options for anyone planning to translate a WordPress site.

The Best Ways to Translate Websites:


The Best Ways to Translate Websites are These 5 Programs
The Best Ways to Translate Websites – Weglot


Weglot is a popular WordPress translation plugin for several reasons. For small websites, when users only need to translate 2,000 words or fewer, it’s free. The cost of a premium plan depends on each user’s particular needs.

Weglot allows you to automatically and manually translate content, making it a flexible tool. Users can translate content into over 60 different languages. These features explain why more than 20,000 sites already use this fairly new product.



The Best Ways to Translate Websites
The Best Ways to Translate Websites – WPML


The WordPress Multilingual Plugin has remained one of the most commonly-used premium translation plugins for years. It offers translations into more than 40 languages, and includes features which make it easier to integrate local dialects into your content. This results in a greater degree of authenticity.

WPML users also sing the praises of its customer support. That’s very important when translating a website: you may need outside help to avoid errors.



While tools like WPML cost money, qTranslate is free. It’s also cultivated a positive reputation thanks to its easy installation and use. Best of all, qTranslate lets users access professional, human translators if need be.



Like qTranslate, Transposh is free. It’s unique among translation plugins because users, if they choose, can allow guests to edit non-English content on their sites. This makes it useful if you’re coordinating with others that may have a greater degree of familiarity with your target language. With this tool, they can make necessary corrections if you allow them to by essentially crowdsourcing human translation.


Multilingual Press Free

The Best Ways to Translate Websites are These 5 Programs 2
The Best Ways to Translate Websites are These 5 Programs 2


The free version of the Multilingual Press plugin requires users to install and run the Multisite plugin before they can take advantage of its features. This plugin connects multiple sites under a single WordPress installation. The Multilingual Press plugin makes it easy to translate all of those connected sites together. This program best for those who plan on translating content across several different WordPress sites.

None of these tools can fully replace or replicate the skills of a professional translator. Instead, they’re useful if you need to quickly translate content at a low cost. They can provide a great starting point, but if you want to truly make the right impression on an international audience, make sure you have an expert review the finished translation at some point.

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