Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For Free

In today's article, we'll share a list of the best free email marketing and newsletter plugins for WordPress that you can download and use for free

Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For Free

In today’s article, we’ll share a list of the best free email marketing and newsletter plugins for WordPress that you can download and use for free. Want to build awareness about your brand amongst potential customers to grow your business to great heights? Email marketing is considered to be one of the most effective marketing techniques for business in today’s times. If you want to establish a relationship of trust with your customers so that they remain loyal to your brand!

Now if you agree with me that email marketing is a powerful tool! You would like to opt for an excellent WordPress plugin for effective email marketing. Isn’t it? WordPress has a host of email marketing plugins and choosing the right plugin might get confusing. Right? So today, I’ve listed a review of the top free WordPress newsletter plugins for email marketing which will surely help you in making the right choice!!

Top Free WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins

Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For Free


MailPoet is an all-in-one newsletter plugin that helps you to grow your email list and send emails to your subscribers right from your WordPress dashboard.

It has more than 300,000 active installs across its different versions and comes with ready-to-use email templates to kickstart your email marketing campaigns. These free templates include welcome emails, newsletters, and new post updates, all of which support marketing automation.

You can either have it use your WordPress site’s server to send emails (bad deliverability). Or, you can also take advantage of its own sending service, or use a third-party SMTP server for better deliverability. If you use MailPoet’s sending service, you can email up to a thousand subscribers a month for free (after that you’ll need to pay).

The premium version offers advanced analytics, segmentation capabilities (based on email activity such as opens, link clicks and so on) and advanced integration with WooCommerce transactional emails.

You can either get MailPoet Premium as part of the sending service (starting at $15 a month). Or, you can purchase the standalone premium plugin for $149 and connect it to your own sending service. Again, Mailgun is a good option there.


The Newsletter is one of the best free newsletter plugins available for WordPress — currently active on more than 300,000 WordPress sites, according to This plugin lets you have unlimited subscribers and send unlimited emails. Here are the plugin’s most exciting features:

  • Firstly, feature-rich drag-and-drop responsive email composer — which you can use to craft beautiful mobile-ready newsletters.
  • Secondly, double opt-in subscriptions. Thereby making sure you abide by EU anti-spam laws.
  • Email tracking with advanced statistics. So you know who’s opening your emails.
  • Easy segmentation to target your campaigns. So you can target specific groups of people on your list.
  • Finally, SMTP support. To make sure your emails make it to visitors’ inboxes.

While Newsletter can send emails right from your WordPress server, I’d recommend taking advantage of its SMTP server integration feature to ensure better deliverability (Mailgun is a good free SMTP service).

In addition to some free add-ons, there are also a number of premium add-ons that tack on support for WooCommerce, autoresponders, analytics and more. Moreover, access to all of the premium add-ons starts at $65.

WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For Free: Icegram

The developers of Icegram describe their product with the tagline ‘grow subscribers, increase conversions and engage visitors’. After looking at the feature list, that’s a pretty good description.

Icegram has a limited free version at However, it’s just that, limited. It’s good in a pinch and it lets you create welcome bars, opt-ins, and lead gen forms, but it lacks a drag-and-drop builder, and there are better free options out there.

However, the premium version changes things, offering support for 12 different CTA types, tons of trigger and targeting rules, and built-in analytics and split testing tools. So, if you’re willing to pay, Icegram definitely deserves a spot on this list. Moreover, the paid version starts at $97 a year.

Sender is a sophisticated email marketing platform that equips users with complete gear for an effective email campaign and emailing. Retailers enjoy easy integrations with eCommerce platforms. Sender has over 100,000 active users.

An advanced yet easy-to-use platform provides users with a great overall experience. Furthermore, innovatively refined tools will assist you on each task, regardless of the complexity and marketing stage. Build good-looking subscription forms or popups if you’re starting, or create sophisticated email automation scenarios for each event.

With an excellent subscribers management system, you can create sophisticated segments for even more personalized email campaigns that effectively sell! Sender is the most cost-effective email marketing platform with up to x 5 more affordable plans while still offering top-tier features to any user.


MailOptin is another plugin for creating various newsletter signup forms such as popups, slide-ins, notification bars, and sidebar forms. It uses the WordPress Customizer as its form builder, with a variety of different templates that you can customize to your heart’s content.

It includes conversion-boosting features such as A/B testing, scroll trigger, exit intent and a lead bank with support for major email service providers. MailOptin can also send automated newsletters to your list subscribers (on Mailchimp, Aweber and so on) each time you publish a new post in WordPress. It can also send published posts as a daily, weekly or monthly email digest.

Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For Free: Jackmail

Jackmail is a freemium WordPress newsletter plugin that helps you to build your email list and send email newsletters right from your WordPress dashboard.

One of the unique things about Jackmail is that it has a built-in SMTP server integration. Without going into the technical details, that means the newsletter emails you send from your WordPress dashboard have a much better chance of avoiding subscribers’ spam folders.

To grow your email list, you can either use Jackmail’s included opt-in forms or connect to a bunch of other popular email opt-in tools, including the Bloom plugin that we mentioned above. Then, you get a drag-and-drop email builder to send your newsletters, along with 48-plus newsletter templates.

One really neat thing is that you can set up automatic newsletters based on triggers. For example, you can automatically send out a newsletter whenever you publish a new post or product. Or, you can send a weekly newsletter that automatically pulls in all the content you published that week. Jackmail lets you send up to a hundred emails a day for free. After that, paid plans start at just $5 a month.

Mailchimp for WordPress

As you can tell by the name, Mailchimp for WordPress is focused on one specific email service — Mailchimp. But, if you’re using Mailchimp for your email marketing efforts (which a lot of people are), it’s one of the best plugins to help you to grow your Mailchimp lists on WordPress.

With the plugin, you can connect to any of your Mailchimp lists and create your own email opt-in forms. Or, one of the really neat things is that the plugin integrates with other WordPress plugins/features. As a result, add list-building functionality to them.

For example, you can add an email subscribe checkbox to your comment or registration forms. Automatically sign people up to your email list. Or, you can add a subscribe option to the WooCommerce checkout process.

You can use the free core version at However, there’s also a premium version with more functionality. Such as detailed reports and logging, an eCommerce integration that lets you, tag subscribers. To check what they purchase. Forms styling options, and more.

Best WordPress Email Newsletter Plugins For Free: Hustle

Finally, a freemium plugin from WPMU DEV, Hustle offers plenty of features, including eight popup animations, 20-plus conditional behaviors, various popup trigger options and more. You can also design responsive popup forms using the free form builder, or use any of the prebuilt customizable templates. In conclusion, It’s a really polished free product. However, the only downside is that the free version limits you to just three forms per opt-in type.

Final Words

This review of the top email marketing newsletter plugins will surely prove beneficial when you go about choosing the perfect plugin for the marketing of your brand. All these plugins have excellent features and function well. You’ll be satisfied with their functioning once you start using them.