Best WordPress Plugins For Sports Livescores

WordPress is one of the most used web builders in the world. In this article, we'll share the best WordPress plugins for sports livescores.

Best WordPress Plugins For Sports Livescores

WordPress is one of the most used web builders in the world. Covering around 60.8% of all websites in the world. There are more than 500 sites built every day using WordPress, and it is used by 14.7 of the world’s top websites. In this article, we’ll share the best WordPress plugins for sports livescores.

Best WordPress Plugins For Sports Livescores

So, what makes this web builder unique? Well, the true power of WordPress comes from its plugins. WordPress plugins are pre-coded apps that allow you to add new features and functionality. To your websites without any coding knowledge. 

WordPress has a vast directory of plugins (more than 55,000) for every functionality you can imagine. If you are a sports fan you can set plugins to tell you live scores. Fixtures, playoff brackets or to say the results of a specific team. You can set a trigger to show how many Kansas City Chiefs Super Bowl wins there are. For example, it stays updated even if they win again.

In today’s article, we will focus on plugins that can help you transform your website into sports live score tracker. Creating a live score tracker can be tricky since the information must be instant and accurate. This is why we selected a few Sport livescore plugins that perform great.

SportPress: WordPress Plugins Sports Livescores

SportsPress Plugin is one of the best livescore trackers to use, just because of its diversified tools. That can transform your regular website into a professional-looking sports website. SportPress comes with many different tools that can enable you to create a website for your sports club. So, add a live score tracker.

Its live score tracker can set you various tools including matches. Results, automatically updated standings, player rankings, club details, players, and staff.

SportPress has free add-ons that will allow you to track various sports like baseball. Football, soccer, basketball, cricket, volleyball, and golf using the sports WordPress plugin.

Their key features include event tracing with player performance, information, and map location. Easy integration with shortcode, calendar of events, and much more.

Joom Sport

Here we have another all-in-one plugin that will enable you to create a professional sports website. Either for managing a tournament, tracking results, specific club or league. JoomSport comes with tons of features that can be very helpful when creating a sports website.

It is simple to use and can create different Leagues with chronologically organized seasons to match the real-world events. The plugin is based on the Bootstrap framework. So, this means that it is responsive and will work great on different types of screens.

When it comes to the live score feature, the plugin comes integrated with a sports API that tracks results. From sports events in real-time. They have a wide selection of sports leagues that they track, such as:

  • Soccer 
  • Football
  • Rugby
  • Basketball
  • Futsal
  • Handball
  • Billiard
  • Snooker
  • And more.

This is a free plugin that anyone can install on their website. But if you want to unlock all of its features it will cost you $170.

WP Club Manager: WordPress Plugins for Sports Livescores

WP Club Manager is also a plugin that offers much more than updated league tables and live scores. This app will help you create the ultimate spot website where you can add all sorts of information. From performance data, player profiles, sponsors, league tables, results, fixtures, and more. 

Additionally, it gives you the freedom to track different sports such as American football. Baseball, basketball, soccer, handball, ice hockey, rugby league, volleyball, and other popular sports.

The integration of this plugin is beginner-friendly and you don’t need any coding experience. In addition, you can integrate the plugin features by using a shortcode added to the page. On top of that, WP Club Manager comes with many pre-made flexible templates. So you don’t have to start building your website from scratch using the sports WordPress plugin.

Soccer Live Scores

Soccer Live Scores is one of the best plugins for tracking live scores from professional leagues. Just like any other live score tracker, this plugin enables you to track different parameters. So, from each game with an easy-to-navigate system from the admin panel.

The front-end of the website will be automatically updated on the parameters you choose. Such as goals, yellow cards, substitutions, and more. Moreover, each event will come up in the live feed inside the scorecard you embed on your page.

This is one of the best plugins that allows you to track in real-time many parameters. From each game or league you select. The only drawback is that it can only track data from professional soccer games, and other sports are not included.