Bilingual Website Design: The Technical Know How For Gaming Sites

Check out the top tips to create bilingual and multilingual website design & the best technical know how for gaming sites, mobiles and casinos

By Claudio Pires
Updated on March 31, 2023
Bilingual Website Design: The Technical Know How For Gaming Sites

Have you ever heard of the proverb, ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy?’ Ever since we were small kids, games were an integral part of our lives. It is no wonder, that games as still part and parcel of us in adulthood. Check out the top tips to create bilingual and multilingual website design & the best technical know how for gaming sites, mobile games apps, and casinos.

A few examples of the most popular games we play include mobile games, online computer games, and casino games. See the top bilingual website design with the know-how for gaming sites.

For gaming business owners, having a website is crucial in promoting the business and sharing game-related news with your readers. If you plan to breed connections with new international gamers, creating a bilingual website will surely come in handy. It will also bring in a new market for your business.

Creating a bilingual website is no walk in the park. There are a few challenges in the website design that should be addressed. Below are some things that should be done to ensure you create a successful bilingual website

What is the definition of a multilingual website?

Google states that a multilingual website is one that offers content in multiple languages, regardless of where you sell your products or services. Many multinational corporations still only distribute content in English or their native language.

Imagine having an eCommerce that allows you to display your menu, pages, etc. in English, Spanish, Portuguese and French; this would be an example of a multilingual website.

When is it beneficial to translate a work into multiple languages? When you want to increase your customer base and become more international.

Essentially, this method is to increase the number of organic visitors to your website which will in turn lead to more business.

Additionally, it positions you more favorably against the competition and facilitates a more effective performance for your content, which makes it more desirable to users and potential customers.

Learn more about the function of multilingual content.

Tip of the day: To be more specific: Multilinguality and bilingualism are similar terms, but not the same. If your online content is only available in Portuguese and Spanish, this is an example of a bilingual website.

Selecting The Content Of Your Bilingual Website

Human beings are quick to judge. It is in their nature. People will judge you in regards to the content you have on your website.

Take an example of an online casino website. In order to attract a huge number of gamers, it is inevitable to invest in a diversity of interesting games that will keep the gamers engaged. It should have games like blackjacks, slots, and poker among others.

In addition, you could also offer online casino bonus codes. The goal is to have content that makes you stay relevant and stand out from your competitors. Check out the top tips to create bilingual and multilingual website design & the best technical know how for gaming sites, mobile games apps, and casinos

Content Translation: Bilingual Website Gaming Design

This is the most critical step in designing a bilingual website; having your content translated into the other language that you fancy. This task is time-consuming since the number of web pages on your website may range from a few pages to hundreds of pages and product descriptions.

To make sure the translations are accurate, avoid the use of free online translators and invest in a linguist. It is not the most cost-effective method but humans have a better understanding of languages and are the best bet for translation accuracies. As a result, you will know how to create a multilingual gaming website following technical design for casino sites.

Decide On The Bilingual Format That Best Suits You

There are two ways you can do the above. First, you could create one website domain and then create another subdomain folder that contains the translations of the second language.

Second, you could opt to create two different websites for the two different languages.

Create A User-friendly Bilingual Website Gaming Design

Whether you are creating your website alone or a web developer is doing it for you, just make sure it is user-friendly. The overall user experience on a website is one of the things that determine its success.

If you choose to have one website with the two languages, make sure you have an easily accessible drop-down menu.

Also, have a font and layout that is readable in all the two languages. For example, if you decide to have italic fonts on your English website, it will be difficult to read the same if you are translating into Arabic.

In conclusion, always remember the main objective is to create a website that offers the best user experience. Take into consideration the above points and you are on your way to having a successful bilingual website.

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