Blog Post Writing Tips

In this post, find effective writing tips, produce blog posts, and learn how to do and write a content-quality blog post.

Updated on October 24, 2022
Blog Post Writing Tips

Produce blog content is a bit like directing; You can study the highway code (or read articles that give effective tips for writing blog post) for months, but nothing can prepare you for reality quite like getting behind the wheel, hitting the road and thinking about how to write a blog post.

A blog post is an individual entry or article written by an author for a blog. Blog posts can include content such as text, images, infographics, or videos and often hosted on a blog section of a business website or a domain reserved for blogging.

What Is a Blog Post?

It can be very difficult to produce content for a blog post. When you finally find the perfect subject, you probably want to start writing immediately. But to write that excellent blog post, you should take some time to prepare it properly. Today, I’ll give tips on beginning your writing process. If you take some time and prepare your blog post adequately, your writing will be so much better!

Preparing & Writing a Blog Pos Takes Time and Requires The Best Tips

The writing process can be divided into three phases. The actual writing is the second phase of your writing process and only takes up about 20% of the time. That is if you’ve done the preparation phase properly.

In my opinion, the preparation phase is the most fun! You can brainstorm, try out things and be creative in this phase. So, although it may seem like this preparing stuff is just holding you back from the actual writing, you should think of it as the most creative and fun phase. And the most important phase!


Always start a blog post with a brainstorm. Once you’ve decided on the topic of your post, you should make a list of all the things you would like to address in your post. Don’t be critical in this phase. Just write down anything you come up with. You always can cross off the ‘not so good ideas’ later on.

What is your Message?

What is the one thing you want your readers to remember after they’ve read your post? What’s the most important thing you want to say? The answer to these questions is the message of your post. You should write that message down. This is the key information of your blog post. That message should eventually come in the first paragraph of your blog post.

Blog Post Writing Tips: Write a Little Bit

Although the actual writing comes in the second phase of the writing process, you should definitely write some sentences. Try to find the right words for your topic and your audience. Try to write some beautiful sentences. I wouldn’t advise you to try to write the first sentence of a blog post in this phase, but you could write a few sentences of a meaningful paragraph. Playing around with words will help you to find the tone of your blog post.


Produce Content Blog
Blog Writing Tips

The most important thing you should do in the preparation phase of writing a blog post is to come up with the structure of your text. At the end of the preparation phase, you should end up with the skeleton of your blog post. What subjects will you address in what order?

After you’ve brainstormed about the topic, you’ll probably end up with a long list of things you would like to address in your blog post. Read through your list, the cross of the things you’re not totally sure about, and try to see whether or not topics resemble each other. Bundle similar topics. After that, you should think about the order you want to discuss your topics. Make sure you discuss things in a way people understand. Subjects and paragraphs should follow each other in a logical order.

Before I start the actual writing process, I usually have a list with paragraphs. For every paragraph, I also have a short description of the things I would like to discuss and the examples I would like to use. In some cases, I already formulated some excellent sentences for every paragraph as well.

Writing a Good Blog Post Can be Really Fun Follow These Tips

Preparing your blog post can be really fun. I really enjoy this phase the most. If you’ve thought your post through it’s time to turn to the next phase and hit that keyboard. Go write your post!

After writing your post, you’re inevitably going to end up in the correcting phase. Very important. Totally hate that phase.

Optimize Post Before Publishing

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Produce content your first blog post doesn’t have to be a challenging experience. Sharing effective tips and knowledge for writing blog post is a good thing for your audience and for your SEO, so it’s worth keeping a blog on your website.

When writing a blog post, start by researching, organizing your content, and evaluating the performance of your post. Each step can help you better segment your audience, write useful content, and improve your search engine rankings.