Best Free Commenting WordPress Plugins 

Commenting WordPress Plugins For Free

An active comments section below each of your posts is a great method to improve your website engagement. They add value to your posts, demonstrate that your readers care about your site and provide a reason for visitors to return. In this article, we'll show a list of the best...

How Far Will Internet Censorship Actually Go

How Far Will Internet Censorship Actually Go?

Internet censorship has been a topic around the world for quite some time now. With more and more countries deciding to update their regulation policies and limit what users can do and access online, it’s only natural to ask ourselves how far internet censorship will actually go. The internet is...

A Guide To Website Footer Design

A Complete Guide To Website Footer Design

Often overlooked, the footer is yet a key element for a website. It is an important section for website visitors who want to get more information about your company. When designing the footer for your website, you face the challenge of defining the elements that will be included in it,...

How To Register a Domain Name

How To Register a Domain Name Properly? 

One of the many reasons the internet is so powerful is because it gives nearly anyone the ability to share their voice and knowledge with the rest of the world. A particularly popular way to make yourself known is to set up a website. These days many services, such as...

7 Steps to Building a Strong Bond with Your Employees

7 Steps to Building a Strong Bond with Your Employees

In this article, you'll see seven tips to create a strong bond with your employees using the technology benefits. Latest news about the new eye-tracking technology finally emerging after 30 something years working towards advancing the Spatial Computing. Like AR, VR, MR, XR  has brought a way to much excitement to...

Pageviews By Google Analytics Explained

Pageviews By Google Analytics Explained

While we’re not going to say that Google Analytics is simple, there’s quite a bit you can learn about your site with an understanding of a few basic concepts. Let’s start with the relationship between users, sessions, and pageviews and explain all about the page views metric. Google Analytics Pageviews...

Gain Time With Life Optimization And Routines

Gain Time With Life Optimization And Routines

Daily routines have been found to have numerous benefits for your physical and mental health. Many use them to make time for healthy eating and exercise – two important but difficult to maintain habits. Additionally, routines optimization has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety. We prepared this article so...

How Posters Can Help Businesspeople?

How Posters Can Help Businesspeople In Achieve Success?

Organizations usually plan new strategies to market their goods and services throughout the world. Often, posters making is one of the most common and the best tactics that aim to attract youngsters to influence them to actions, buy a particular product on-the-go. The marketing team of several clients considers approaching...

WordPress htaccess File Creation Guide

WordPress htaccess File Creation Guide

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the WordPress .htaccess file, explain how it works, its purpose, and discuss how to create and edit it. The htaccess (hypertext access) file is a configuration file for web servers running the Apache software. This file generally controls the directory it is placed...

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