Blogging Ideas For New Bloggers

Check best blogging fresh ideas for new bloggers to get started in profitable niches and top blog topics to write about

By Claudio Pires
Updated on October 27, 2023
Blogging Ideas For New Bloggers

Creating an eye-catching tagline is not enough when there are hundreds of bloggers out there with the same intention. In this article, we’ll share the top 12 steps and blogging ideas for 2020 to make your blog stand out this year to make online money. The number of bloggers in US is expected to reach 31.7 million by 2020. Although blogs are an excellent platform for sharing your voice and ideas, new bloggers must know a lot of things before getting into this hyper-competitive field. In this article, we’ll share best blogging fresh ideas for new bloggers to get started in profitable niches and top blog topics to write about.

But…what is the starting point? There is already so much information available on the web, and you might get confused about the whole concept of blogging.

Here are the top 12 expert tips from blogging professionals in an easy to read and step-by-step guide format that every blogger wish they knew before.

Newbie Blogger & Blogging Tips And Ideas For 2020

1 Patience is the key:

It may sound a bit judgy, but generally, most new bloggers are an impatient bunch. Everyone imagine bloggers as someone who makes several hundred dollars, but nobody sees the days and nights they put in behind the screen.

Trust me; blogging is not for weak-hearted people. It’s a full-time job where you must behave like a boss and an employee. So, if you are willing to start your long-haul journey only then, I can promise you success. We advise you to act patiently and don’t jump to hasty conclusions because all good things take time. In fact, nothing of value comes easily in this world.

2 Networking in the blogging market:

Blogging is inherently interactive. You can establish a community out of your blog by engaging with people, including other bloggers in your selected niche.

People who visit your blog must feel it as a community.  Apart from the money-making thing, blogging allows you to communicate with people who have similar interests as your own. It also gives you the chance to share your ideas and perceptions while learning from your community members. Check best blogging fresh ideas for new bloggers to get started in profitable niches and top blog topics to write about.

3 Selecting your blog niche:

Whether you agree with it or not, the best niche for you is something you have an interest in. It is as simple as that. If you are still confused, there are literally loads of profitable niches that can you can start with.

Some of the evergreen niches bloggers are using to make money for decades are travel, health and beauty, entertainment, technology and gaming, food, relationships, finance, social networks, and social issues. As long as you know the interest of your audience, you are all set for blogging.

4 Know your audience:

This is the most challenging job for any newbie. Generally, knowing your audience means being one of the members of the tribe you intend to lead. It requires a lot of upfront research to develop a deeper understanding of the audience, but it pays off. For instance, if you are more into health and fitness, it’s better to write about fitness regimes and share popular news with your readers to build the attachment.

5 Blogging Ideas: Promote your blog through social media

If you want to boost your blog traffic instantly, using social media is the smart way to do it. We bet you that the frustration of getting no traffic will be changed into happiness and satisfaction. Start with a Facebook page and get on Twitter.

Create compelling content with attractive headlines that people cannot resist to share. A well-written article with an uninviting title will never get you traffic. So, don’t do that. Note that social media not only increase the exposure of your blog, but it also makes your posts more shareable and likable.

6 Maintaining consistency: Profitable Blog Ideas

Most new bloggers struggle with getting results because they don’t stick to a consistent posting schedule. You need to understand that posting once a month is not enough guys. It’s just like spending straight 5 hours in a gym once a month instead of working out daily for 20 minutes.

Remember, posting frequently and consistently is a crucial element of a successful blog. So, it’s always better to post something regularly even if it is a couple of tweets with appealing content and image.

However, you always have the flexibility to create your own posting schedule suiting your needs. Whether you choose to post daily or on weekends-only, stick to it because the frequency is important. By doing this, your audience will get an idea of when to check your blog for new content using top blogging ideas for new bloggers.

7 Use catchy headlines and images:

One of the biggest mistakes that fresh and many experienced bloggers make is not utilizing images. There are several reasons to use images in your blog posts. You must have heard that the picture says louder than words. Well, it’s 100% accurate in the case of blogging.

People quickly pick the message when it is demonstrated with visuals and graphics. Not only this, it makes a blog post more colorful and easy to consume. Also, try to incorporate punch lines with images that can be tweeted. Check best blogging fresh ideas for new bloggers to get started in profitable niches and top blog topics to write about.

Another way to earn money from your blog is affiliate marketing. It merely means reviewing products and services to drive traffic, and when people buy something using your affiliate link, you will receive a commission from it. However, there is also a downside to it. Most inexperienced bloggers shove lots of ads and spoil their relationships with visitors.

The rule is ‘never bite the hand that feeds you’. The solution to this problem is to always select products related to your blog niche and recommend brands that you have used personally. An excellent way to be more honest in your reviews is to ask yourself if you’d recommend this product to your mother or spouse.

9 Ensure responsiveness: Blog Ideas & Topics to Write

When you start receiving comments on your post, reply to all the genuine comments, especially when they need an answer. Responding opens new opportunities for starting further discussions. Getting positive comments will drive engagement and blog traffic.

10 Create compelling content:

Align your posts with the top trends and add need-to-know statistics in the opening paragraphs to draw your readers’ attention. Always check grammar using grammar-checking tools and proofread your content to give it a professional look using top blogging ideas for new bloggers.

11 2020 Blogging Ideas: Take help when needed

There is absolutely no harm in using blog writing, helping tools to create an appealing and authentic concept. This is mainly for those young bloggers who require professional assistance to achieve their goals. Two well-known writing help sites preferred by most bloggers are Australian Master and Academist Help as excellent content writing and support service providers to help thousands of bloggers to date.

12 Simple is impactful:

Another relevant suggestion for all the fresh bloggers is to use up-to-date information in the simple and easy to understand language. Using technical terms and jargon doesn’t always make you look qualified. Naturally, blogging is targeted at ordinary people. So, instead of complicating things keep them simple.

Profitable Blog Ideas Conclusion

The number of online blogs is increasing, but with this practical guide, you can make your blog unique and stand out in the crowd. We hope that you will use these tips as a fuel to set up your own blogging concept. After all, the returns of keeping a strong blog will be worth your time and effort with fresh blog ideas to get started.

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