The Brilliant Dashboard UI KIT

Need high-quality, efficient UI theme for projects? Check out the best dashboard admin templates UI kit ready for your needs and download it

The Brilliant Dashboard UI KIT

Need a high-quality, efficient dashboard UI theme for Your projects? Are you searching for a high-class Designer but thinking of spending little cash? Check out the best dashboard UI kit and admin templates for downloads.

Save Time and Money

An annoying situation that almost every designer experiences are when a small project gets out of hand. Work has quadrupled, projects are taking twice as long as expected, and clients are frustrated by paying for the extra time. To meet expectations, designers often tell their clients that it is difficult to accurately estimate the exact time it will take to complete a website or app.

While the UI Kit won’t do estimates for you, using it can help you get a more realistic picture of how long your project will take. The design is already in place; you must grab the elements from the UI kit, construct them from the wireframes you created, and then customize those design elements to suit your branding.

The time it takes to create design elements for a website or app can sometimes be unpredictable by getting a more realistic understanding of what a design project will take and how long it will take.

The Best Dashboard Admin UI KIT

If You are a Developer, Coder, Website designer, or Graphic Designer, You don’t have to look further.

The UI Brilliant Dashboard KIT for Photoshop allows You to create an excellent product now!

It costs only $6, including one Photoshop file with 5 different color styles.

  1. Firstly, You can easily change them by using Layer Comps Window.
  2. Secondly, Editable, named in English layers, lets You work fast and efficiently.
  3. Finally, choose your favorite style and create a great-looking page that amazes your customers.

It is packed with the most needed charts and UI elements like a calendar, chat, sales interface, and buttons…

 calendar, chat, sales interface, and button
The Brilliant Dashboard UI KIT

Many companies use UI Kits / Themes to speed up the development and design process. Big Players are using Readymade Templates not only because they are very good and make a big impression but also because they make web design work more accessible and, most importantly, cheaper and faster.

It is very popular these days and this trend seems to rise.   


If You wish, You can change any part – color, gradient, font, size… It is all up to You.

Extra Benefits

The most attractive benefits are:

  • Firstly, Top-notch quality design
  • Secondly, a Highly customizable layout
  • Vector shapes layers 
  • Finally, Free Google Fonts for Use

Everything is Customizable in Photoshop CC.

The Brilliant Dashboard UI KIT
The Brilliant Dashboard UI KIT

Choosing this will save You lots of time and money instead of searching and paying for the designer.

Make a big impression on Your clients with this Dashboard UI Kit.

You don’t have to be a Designer – with this theme. You can focus on what’s most essential for you whenever You are a Developer, Coder, or Entrepreneur.


Download Link:

Best Admin Dashboard UI Kits and Templates Figma’s Cryptocurrency

Figma's Cryptocurrency Dashboard UI Kit

Those using Bitcoin, other cryptocurrencies, or NFTs will appreciate this. This Figma dashboard UI kit is a solid choice for crypto professionals who want to build an app or website quickly and easily. This template offers a vast UI kit to get your designs.

Notable features include:

  • Compatibility with Figma and Sketch
  • Fully customizable levels
  • Control font and color selection
  • well organized documents
  • Includes free default fonts

Spa UI Kit

Spa Dashboard UI Kit

Health, beauty, and spa professionals will be delighted with this Spa Dashboard UI Kit option. Figma designers can use this template right away to create a compelling app or website that resonates with their audience. It is fully compatible with Figma as well as Sketch, Adobe XD, and PSD and also offers the following features:

  • Fully editable and expandable files
  • Use RGB color mode
  • Well-organized files and layers
  • Use Google Fonts

Figma Community: Best Admin Dashboard UI Kits and Templates

Figma Community dashboard ui kit templates best

Figma has a massive community of designers who share free themes and templates. Here you will find simple and basic templates for your projects. They can be downloaded for free. Figma Elements is another excellent site where you can find quality free templates for Figma. It includes Figma UI elements, theming system, UI kits, mockups, and more.