If you’re done abiding by the restrictive policies that the big e-commerce stores, such as Amazon and eBay, enforce upon you as an online retailer, then don’t stand for it any longer. Instead, pick up your ball, leave the major marketplaces, and set up your stall elsewhere on the Internet. See now how to create a competitive store.

By building your ecommerce website, you would be in complete control of your selling destiny — you’d find yourself playing a different game in which the rules are yours and yours alone to set. If you want your store to genuinely compete with the major players in the world of e-commerce, however, then you’re going to have to put the advice found below into practice.

Creating a Competitive Online Store?

How to Build a Competitive Online Store
How to Build a Competitive Online Store


Create a mobile app

If you don’t make an app available for your customers to download from their phone’s application store, you’ll soon find your business falling behind in the race for custom.

This is because, today, customers want to be able to flick through online stores via apps rather than on the web, as apps are smoother and easier to navigate on mobiles — in fact, this is now a customer expectation, not just a desire.

For this reason, building and offering an app should be one of your main goals, if not the main one — check out DesignRush’s software development directory to find the mobile app developer that suits your store’s style and size.

Deliver popular payment options

Offer popular payment options so that it reduces the risk of cart abandonment at checkout. You need to make the payment process as easy as possible, along with a selection of options for them to choose from. If you do not, for instance, include PayPal, then you are neglecting a large chunk of potential customers.

Offer a focused product range

If you want to build a loyal customer base for yourself, one that will bring you business over and over again, you need to offer a focused product range.

By having aniche, customers will pinpoint your store specifically when they have a particular need for whatever it is you sell. You’ll find that they’ll return to you when they are in need of it again.

By not offering a focused product range, you’ll find your business hard to market,and you’ll cause confusion as to what it is you actually sell.

When it comes to choosing your range, you have to consider a number of different factors:

  • Take into consideration what it is you, yourself are passionate about to ensure you don’t become discouraged with your business if things don’t go your way.
  • Only ever seek healthy profit margins
  • Choose a range that appeals to impulse buyers who have got a disposable income to play with, as they will be the bulk of your buyers.
  • Make sure your product is actively being sought on online markets

Partner up wisely

You need to partner up wisely if your goal is to run a competitive online store. You need to work alongside manufacturers who can be trusted to get your items created on time and to the required standard, and you need to work alongside an established item importer. In regards to the later, you should definitely consider aligning yourself with a drop shipping company. Such a company would be able to ship your goods to your customers in just a few clicks, meaning you wouldn’t have to store or deliver anything that you sell.

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