With an increasingly online generation, the online portfolio is becoming more and more popular. By having a well-updated, visitor friendly and aesthetically pleasing website, you may attract the right visitors to give your creative character a boost. Here are a few things to keep in mind to build your online portfolio and attract more followers:

How to Build Your Online Portfolio and Attract Followers
How to Build Your Online Portfolio and Attract Followers


Use a theme suitable for your medium

A writer’s portfolio will look vastly different to a photographer’s portfolio. Make sure you choose a theme that is suitable for your chosen medium. For example, don’t choose a theme that makes your writing appear in messy chunks if you are aiming for a writing portfolio or a theme that renders your photos at a lower resolution if you are aiming for a graphics or photography portfolio.

Use SEO techniques

If you are producing online written content, whether this is through blog posts or news features, then it might be best to look into search engine optimization or SEO.

SEO will help your posts reach the first page of search engines if a potential reader is searching for a keyword that is related to your post. There are many ways to do this such as using an appropriate title, including external links in the body of your posts and using keywords to narrow down the search.

Encourage your visitors to subscribe

Online Portfolio
Online Portfolio


Another way of ensuring your content, art, photography or other media are seen and engaged with is through making sure your visitors keep coming back.

You can persuade them to subscribe to your website, and this will update them via email, or if you are using WordPress, through their WordPress notifications, whenever a new post goes live on your portfolio.

However, you can manually compile your own email list through websites such as theemailfinder.co by simply inputting the relevant domain. It is a great tool if you want to target specific organizations. Once you have the email address, you can then send out press releases and newsletter with updates, offers, and any other necessary information to your list to keep them updated and keep you and your website on their mind.

Take advantage of social media

Online Portfolio
Online Portfolio


With the rise of social media and most of the current generation using different platforms every day, it has now become easier to market yourself and your work.

One of the ways to attract new visitors is by keeping an active social media account or two where you post snippets of your work with further links to your portfolio.

Make sure you use the appropriate style that is best for your chosen platform. For example, take advantage of Twitter’s new character limit if you must, but images occasionally speak more than words.

Likewise, for Instagram, high-quality images work best rather than grainy, unreadable graphics that may put a potential visitor off.

Social media platforms are also a great way to network with other creatives in your field. So don’t be shy and comment on a fellow artist’s photo, they’ll appreciate your support, and you may even get a friend out of it. Moreover, you can use social media to explore possible collaborations and further get your work out there and increase your exposure.

Occasionally, opportunities such as paid gigs and commissions may be advertised on social media, so it might pay in the long run to have a well-kept social media account.

With these elements in consideration, you have the foundations of a functioning website and a steady stream of regular visitors.

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