Platforms with quite similar features and services constantly participate in business rivalries and the main question among consumers is “Who would win?”. There are a lot of services that allow clients to create a website from scratch. Nevertheless, among the plethora of services, the choice is always Tilda vs. Wix. Both of them have advantages and disadvantages in the basic criteria of functionality. Below we analyze each of the services and determine which one is the best.

Tilda vs. Wix and who Would Win?

Business Rivalries: Tilda vs. Wix and who Would Win

General specialization

The main highlight of the Tilda publishing system – the convenience of creating huge sites. It has the journalistic format of the site, which is a long page with lots of text and illustrations. Users mentioned that security is much better with Tilda.

Wix is an almost universal designer with a visual editor. It is one of the most powerful in its class due to its flexible design customization capabilities and a rich application store. There is one limitation: as with any other WYSIWYG system, it’s not very convenient to make large sites for obvious reasons.

Tilda Functional areas

Tilda has a beautiful and glamorous interface. The sites are built from ready-made adaptive blocks, which are quite flexible. There is also the “Zero Block” – an editor for creating and adding to the site of blocks of its own design. Tilda, despite the abundance of various settings, shows a very average result in the hands of the average user. However, Tilda doesn’t accept to add PDF and Word docs which is one of the disadvantages.

Wix as a logo maker has strong advantages: modern and various templates, a large set of widgets, a chic app store, an image editor and functionality for organizing a hotel business, regular discounts, etc.

The editing process for the approach is simple; there are effects, animations, built-in image editor, the ability to insert a video onto the background, add HTML code, an image library, and clip-art. Furthermore, there are options to add a highly-qualified content from various sources that will significantly alleviate the whole editing process. Some resources can be reliable, for instance, writing service or any other one. However, be attentive and check the content directly after having got it in order not to be cheated by the fraudsters.

Additional website dynamics are provided by apps from the store. They are optimizing the site for search engines, decorate it, add the functionality of social networks, marketing and store tools, forms, forum and much more.

Template design

The quality of the patterns in Tilda is above average, and Wix clearly does not reach in terms of creativity, diversity. In total there are just over 50 pieces, all created on the same principle – rectangular blocks with pictures, buttons, headers, tabs, etc.

Separately, we note the Wix templates a simple characteristic: they are the best in the niche. Variety, choice of topics, quality – all this is on top. Moreover, the mobile template needs to be edited separately. Designers and simply creative people will be delighted with the deep and flexible means of customizing the design of sites.

Tilda Supported types of websites

Wix is integrated with the most popular types of content, such as business cards, landing pages, shops, blogs, and even forums. It is not purposed for long reads. Carmichael mentioned that Wix has over 500 templates that allows you to make any suitable site.

Tilda is for creating huge websites for shops, hotel reviews, etc. If you have ever seen a well-designed PDF file with a description of something (a travel agency booklet), you can easily imagine yourself in browsing for a while.

Comparison of tariffs

Wix pricing has the most interesting out of its 4 tariffs – Combo for $ 99 / year. It provides opportunities that are enough for the development of any type of site, except for a website. In addition, the system does not have any hidden fees, expensive additional services and other things like that. On the contrary, you can take advantage of occasional deals like Wix promo codes or other discounts.

Moreover, in Tilda, you have a choice of two tariff plans – Personal ($ 120 / year) and Business ($ 240 / year). If you pay monthly, prices will rise by 50%. No discounts, promotions, promo codes and other things are provided.

Both systems have a very nice interface. Tilda has nothing to oppose the Wix. Especially considering its higher cost. Wix looks more profitable and more interesting than Tilda by key parameters: functionality, quality of templates, convenience, cost. For creating something other than long sites, Tilda is not quite suitable, given the high cost and the presence of a strong competitor in the face of Wix. All it’s about custom work, and not about the theoretical possibilities.

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