Can You Make Money On Pinterest?

Learn the top strategies on how to make money on Pinterest and monetize your profile to generate profit with your content

Can You Make Money On Pinterest profit strategies

Pinterest is a visual discovery platform that people visit to get inspiration on different topics like fashion, interior decor, travel, and food recipes. The site contains extensive collections of beautiful and inspiring images from various niches and creators and has almost half a million monthly visitors. It is the perfect place to share lovely photos of your interests with like-minded people online. This is because Pinterest allows you to monetize your interests and make a living from the platform. Learn the top strategies on how to make money on Pinterest and monetize your profile to generate profit with your content.

How to Monetize Your Pinterest Account

There are different ways to make money on Pinterest, and the one you choose depends on your preference and what is most compatible with your niche. However, you need a strong Pinterest presence before taking advantage of these money-making opportunities. This is because it is easier to sell to an audience that sees your brand as credible than one that does not know you. The list below are some of the steps you can take to monetize your Pinterest account:

Build a solid presence on the platform

Optimize your Pinterest profile by writing a clear description that outlines your niche and expertise. Also, add an eye-catching profile photo and a link to your blog or website if applicable. Afterwards, create boards relevant to your niche and add high-quality, alluring pins to your audience. Strive to create original valuable content continuously, and you will start to grow a following. Post new content consistently and engage other creators by liking their posts, sharing comments, and repinning their pins.

Engage in affiliate marketing to make money on Pinterest

Affiliate marketing is one of the most common monetization strategies on Pinterest. Several brands and online retail sites have affiliate programs that let you earn a commission on sales you generate through your affiliate link. Find affiliate programs that suit your niche and join them. 

When accepted to such programs, pin images of their products with your affiliate link and share them with your audience. You will receive a commission every time someone buys a product through your link. You can maximize your earnings by creating informative and compelling pins that persuade viewers to click your link and buy the products on offer. Keep reading to learn the best strategies on how to make money on Pinterest and monetize your profile to generate profit with your content.

Sell your products

If you are a creative that makes products, you can showcase them to people on Pinterest. This applies if you are a jeweler, bead maker, fashion designer, artist, or creator of unique products because you can pin pictures of your work for the whole world to see. Link these product pictures to your online store so people can easily buy what you are selling.

Ensure you include relevant keywords and hashtags in your pins so Pinterest users will easily find your products in their search results. Respond to their inquiries, comments, and messages to build trust and increase patronage.

Offer consultations and other services to make money on Pinterest

Pinterest sales are not limited to products; you can offer consultations and other services. As an expert in any field, you can create pins that communicate your expertise and willingness to work as a consultant for a fee. Use pins to tell your audience how they can reach you and to explain how your service works.

You can also share free advice about your niche so people recognize your expertise and are persuaded to pay for your service. As a result, winner strategies on how to make money on Pinterest and monetize your profile to generate profit.

Partner with brands in your niche

When you establish a solid presence on Pinterest, brands will approach you for partnerships. This usually entails you pinning sponsored content to help them advertise their product to your audience. The amount you receive per post depends on the number of viewers you will likely attract. Working with brands in your niche is best because it increases the likelihood that your audience will be interested in their products.

You can also be proactive and reach out to brands in your niche to propose collaboration ideas and discuss how you can add marketing value to them. Ensure your ideas are mutually beneficial and will give them a significant return on investment. If the ad campaign is successful, they will likely work with you again.

Drive traffic to other platforms to make money on Pinterest

You can use your Pinterest account to drive traffic to your website, blog, social media pages, and other digital platforms you monetize. Do this by creating attractive pins with images or titles relating to the platform to which you want to direct traffic. Ensure those pins are compelling and give your audience an idea of what to expect from visiting that platform.

Run Pinterest ads to market your business to the wider Pinterest community. The ads are displayed on your target audience’s homepage, category tab, and search results. Set up these ads to link directly to your business website or online store.

Build an email list

Make an email list of your Pinterest followers because email marketing allows you to reach them directly. Direct your followers to a landing page that allows them to input their email addresses to subscribe to your email list for exclusive content. Once your email subscribers are large enough, you can market your products directly to them and offer discounts on the items you sell through your Pinterest account and generate profit strategies.

Maintaining Your Pinterest Audience

Making money constantly on Pinterest relies heavily on your ability to maintain your audience. Here are some tips that can help:

Keep your content entertaining to make money on Pinterest

Do not get complacent when you have a large audience. Always create visually appealing pins that keep your audience returning for more.

Interact with your audience

Build connections with your audience by interacting with their pins. Leave comments, like their pins, and respond to the comments they leave on yours. 

Stay consistent

Consistency breeds loyalty amongst your followers, so it is crucial that you pin new content regularly on your account.


Pinterest is a fantastic platform for sharing images of your interests with people on the internet. These images give people inspiration and ideas on topics they are interested in. Content creators can make money on Pinterest by optimizing their profiles to increase visibility, growing their audience and using the strategies mentioned above.