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Marketing is the act or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. If you are in a marketing job like me, it may be difficult for you to define marketing. So, even if you see and use it every day. The term is a bit all-encompassing and fickle for a simple definition. This definition doesn’t feel helpful. For example, the sales part overlaps with the definition of what is sales. The word advertising reminds me of brainstorming sessions of advertising madmen. But after digging deeper, I started to see that. In fact, marketing does have a large overlap with advertising and sales. It exists in all stages of the business, from beginning to end.

Marketing refers to any action by a company to attract audiences to use company products or services through high-quality messaging. It aims to provide independent value to potential customers and consumers through content.

The long-term goal is to demonstrate product value, strengthen brand loyalty and ultimately increase sales. At first, I wondered why marketing is a necessary part of the product development, sales promotion, or retail distribution process. However, when you consider this. It makes sense that marketers have the strongest grasp on the pulse of your consumer role.

The purpose of marketing is to always research and analyze your consumers. Conduct focus groups, send surveys, study online shopping habits. So, ask a potential question: where, when, and how do our consumers want to interact with our business communicate? Here, let us explore the purpose of it, its types, the 4Ps, and the difference between marketing and advertising. Whether you are an experienced marketer who wants to refresh the definition. Or a beginner who wants to first understand what it is, we can meet your needs. Let’s dive in.