Digital Marketing in 2020 - What Trends Await Us

Digital Marketing in 2020: What Trends Await Us?

What awaits us in 2020 in the field of digital marketing and how do you adapt your strategy to the latest trends? Many companies are already creating their marketing strategies and budgets based on plans for advertising on the Internet, which include ads for online search, social media, video platforms, mobile applications, and other channels. […]

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Effective Technical Resume - 10 Tips How To Write Successful Technical Resume

Effective Technical Resume: 10 Tips How To Write Successful Technical Resume

Almost every industry is going through a digital upgrade. The opportunities for tech employees are not limited to the tech industry alone these days. IT professionals are high-in-demand, and the sector provides opportunities in a vast range of fields, including telecommunications, technology manufacturing, digital services, software publishing, and many more. In this article, we’ll learn […]

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