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In this section of our blog, you’ll see all the posts and archives present in the themes and templates category. Custom web design is not as popular as it was ten years ago. In the past, people worried that if they used templates, their website would eventually look like someone else’s website. This is no longer the case, thanks to the availability of millions of topics and advanced topics.

The great thing about premium themes and templates is that you will be guaranteed to be the only person using that particular theme. In addition, there are many reasons why custom web design is dying. Here are some key reasons why people are turning to WordPress themes.

Compared to working with a developer or building a website from scratch, the first thing you will notice about themes and templates is that they are inexpensive. Customized websites are very expensive, with prices ranging from US$5,000 to US$50,000. This may be an unrealistic investment for non-profit companies.

A better option is to use advanced themes. The best thing about premium themes is that they are ready and can be in use by anyone. They are very cost-effective in a comparative to having custom-built websites. In the long run, the theme is cheaper to build and maintain, especially when you consider that you have to pay for customer support when using a custom website. This means thousands of dollars in maintenance costs that you’ll save using themes and templates.

Just because you use a free theme does not mean that your website looks the same as all other websites that use the same template. Most themes are customizable. You can shape the theme to your liking and make it perfectly match your content. Or, you can hire a designer to build a custom template for your website. Even this option is much cheaper than a fully customized website.