How Do Chatbots Influence the Future of Content Marketing?

This article is going to show you how chatbots impact the future of content marketing and what are the benefits they bring for any business.

How Do Chatbots Influence the Future of Content Marketing

This article is going to show you how chatbots impact the future of content marketing and what are the benefits they bring for any business.

Putting the customer first means nowadays more than it seems. The customers of today need more than some products which solve their needs. They are looking for a personalized experience. Thus, they will always respond well to authentic conversations with the producers, appreciating the answers received to their questions and permanently searching for a unique, personal interaction.

This gives marketers a very tough job. They should rely more on content marketing instead of advertising. There are multiple reasons why content marketing will become the king of marketing in the near future. Statistics show that it costs 62% less than traditional marketing. Moreover, it triples the number of leads.

On the other hand, content marketing methods have also evolved a lot, which gave birth to chatbots, considered to be the future. The benefits of chatbots are countless, offering immense business opportunities.

How do Chatbots Impact the Content Marketing of Tomorrow?

How Do Chatbots Influence the Future of Content Marketing


Highly customized interaction

Customers are invaded every day with content and information. They get almost suffocated by the excessive content which fills their email inbox, social media, and so on. Therefore, marketers should double their efforts to create a personalized approach for their clients. Among the variety of marketing tools, they can use to impress the target audience, chatbots are among the most popular and effective ones.

For instance, you can create bots that can quickly identify what the clients are searching. They can filter the content and offer your clients personalized answers to their questions, based on the content they have been searching. Thus, thanks to chatbots, you are able to surprise your customers and create a personalized interaction with them. What is more, you will increase your brand’s trustworthiness. In addition, the way you build content is very important. You can find content writers at websites like Upwork or Online Writers Rating. Keywords will ensure your top position in search results. Flash Essay, as well as SEMrush, are also great tools to help you include keywords in your content.

Add a human touch to your brand

It is ironic to consider that chatbots can add a human touch to your brand. “Your audience knows very well when they are talking to a human or a bot. Therefore, you shouldn’t try to fool them and advertise your chatbots as humans,” says Chris Mercer, founder of Citatior.

However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t add personality to your bots. Again, content plays an extremely important role, as it will help you to bring your chatbots to life. For example, you can create a sassy chatbot which will have a funny and bold script to follow. You can build whatever personality you want for your bot as it will do exactly what you want it to do. However, you should always remember that your chatbot represents your brand. Thus, if you want it to be quirky, then this is the perception you want to transmit to your clients about your brand.

Skyrocket your engagement rate

When your clients will see that chatbots are able to offer them the answers they are looking for, then this means increased engagement. A chatbot shouldn’t be a synonym to a robot. Chatbots, even though they are not humans, take your brand’s identity further and increase the trust your clients have in you.

Irrespective of the type of interaction your clients had with the chatbots, be it positive or negative, it will remain in their memory. If they had a positive interaction, you will get repeated interactions over time. If it was a negative experience, then your clients’ feedback will help you improve the interaction experience. Chatbots can become a valuable tool for any marketer as it helps him to increase both engagement and conversion rates. This will lead to an increased ROI which can only be translated into a fruitful business on the long-term.

Less costly customer service

We all know how important customer service is if you want to increase the number of clients and build trust in your brand. But, we also know very well that professional customer service is also very costly. It doesn’t matter which is the channel you want to use to offer customer service to your clients. You will still have to hire people even though you choose to answer your clients’ questions via email or by phone.

A chatbot can make a difference for your business. You can start by collecting the most common questions coming from your customers and use your chatbots to provide answers. What is more, in comparison to humans, your chatbots can’t do mistakes. Thus, this is a win-win situation. You will provide improved customer service and also save money. Furthermore, you can combine the two solutions and use chatbots to answer to the most common and basic questions. You can use humans for more complex needs and surprise your clients with all-inclusive customer experience.

A goldmine for marketing opportunities

One thing is certain, your chatbot cannot know everything as long as you don’t offer him the necessary information. However, if you think from a marketer’s perspective, a chatbot is a goldmine of information and data.

“Your clients will ask tons of questions. For some, your chatbot will already have an answer to offer. However, there will be many questions about which you didn’t even think about. So, here you have the best source of inspiration for your content marketing strategy,” mentions Michael Kentucky, CMO at ResumesCentre.

Use all these unanswered questions and create targeted landing pages for some of the most stringent problems. You can also improve your existing pages by offering more complete information on the products or services.

Are you ready?

Chatbots are here to stay and they will definitely change the future. This is an opportunity which shouldn’t be missed. Use chatbots to your own advantage and create a personalized experience for your clients. Your target audience needs to know that their voice is heard, and you are doing all you can to offer them top-notch products. Thus, you will need chatbots to make them trust your brand.