Cheap, But Effective Marketing Strategies? Now Possible!

In this article, you'll see the top cheap but effective marketing strategies that are now possible for your business grow process.

Updated on July 25, 2022
Cheap, But Effective Marketing Strategies? Now Possible!

We all understand that many IT business people begin the business when they still work in other companies. Either you are one of those people or are developing your business dedicating all your time to it. You should know several useful marketing strategies that can help you save your time and effort while increasing your company’s popularity. It may sound quite unrealistic, but even in today’s harsh times, it’s possible to make your company popular without spending too much. Let’s have a look at how to do it. In this article, you’ll see the top cheap but effective marketing strategies that are now possible.

Cheap, But Effective Marketing Strategies Now Possible

Gossip hotline

Actually, this method is perfectly suitable for those who find dedicate all the time to the business. It is the cheapest type of advertising. It doesn’t demand any investments except the excellent performance of the work and ordinary social skills. Talk to all the acquaintances about your new business. Don’t forget about colleagues, friends, clients, and even partners at your previous work.

Ask people to tell about what your company offers to their friends and colleagues. Come up with a funny, catchy slogan or some peculiarity that will make your company recognizable. The thing is that even if you perform your work perfectly, nobody will speak about you personally. People will be focused on something interesting you can offer (or on your mistakes, if any, so be careful).

Business cards: Cheap and effective marketing strategies

This option goes hand in hand with a gossip hotline. You should always have business cards, distribute them to friends and acquaintances. Nothing special isn’t required from your business card. Just write the name of the company (or your name), phone, the website, and the main services you provide. Order many business cards and distribute them to all people whom you know. People tend to choose a business whose business card they find first. Please don’t spend too much on expensive business cards. Their purpose is purely informative. The special design isn’t necessary here.

The websites with free announcements

Make friends with owners of local Internet resources. They have rather low attendance and cheap advertising. However, people often visit such websites in search of inexpensive services for solutions to the problems. Such websites’ convenience is that you can designate the region where your services will be offered without spending money on the unnecessary audience. However, this method also has the minuses – announcements need to be updated periodically.

Flyers: Cheap and effective marketing strategies

This is another great and inexpensive method that can help you. Let the flyer contain information on what services you provide. To draw special attention, it is great to specify some insignificant discount or a bonus. Thus, potential clients will more likely keep a flyer and feel that they can get some advantages. Another cheap way of similar advertising is to hang out the announcements with your phone number in places where it’s allowed.

Install a billboard

Strangely enough, such billboards sometimes quite successfully attract clients. The price for their installation may be quite reasonable. The best placement for them is near your office. Take care of a convenient location, so it will not be problematic for you to reach those clients who will see this advertisement. It is enough to write a bright heading and the phone number. As a result, great cheap and effective marketing strategies.

Send invoices

Have you paid for goods or services in your life? Every person does it many times. Having received the goods, people pay for them and forget the company they ordered those in immediately. That’s a persistent situation. A great and, more importantly, free way to make people remember you for longer is to send invoices. An invoice is an ordinary document, but it can increase the chances that customers will come back greatly.

First of all, a well-designed, bright, and stylish invoice is a vivid sign that the company cares about its reputation. Thus, it’s trustworthy. Besides, nowadays, there is no need to spend too much time creating all the invoices. Special services called invoice generators will do it for you! is one of those services, link here. It’s well-structured, its diverse functions will help you to make your invoice really special, which, in turn, will help to catch the customers’ attention. On the website of this service of cheap and effective marketing strategies, you will find the following:

  • Ready-made templates.
  • A variety of colors.
  • A possibility to add the logo of your company (which will make invoices even more recognizable).
  • Finally, fields where you should indicate all the information needed.

So, with the help of our pieces of advice, your business will certainly be a success!