Choosing a Perfect Support Plugin for WordPress

Learn best tips on process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress, exceptional allies in delivering top-notch services

By Claudio Pires
Updated on July 23, 2023
Choosing a Perfect Support Plugin for WordPress

Achieving excellent customer support on WordPress is no simple task. It requires extensive training for your support team, mastering various tools, displaying empathy towards customers, and having an in-depth understanding of your product, among other crucial things to remember. In this guide, we’ll learn the best tips on the process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress.

Fortunately, there’s a silver lining – there are plenty of advanced support plugins that can be exceptional allies in delivering top-notch customer support on a WordPress site.

Still, numerous questions revolve around support plugins. What role do they play in enhancing the customer experience? How can they elevate the performance of a WordPress site? And with so many options available, how do you choose the right tool?

Continue reading to uncover the answers to these and many other pressing questions.

What are support plugins?

Customer support plugins for WordPress are essential tools designed to streamline and enhance customer experience on WordPress websites. These plugins offer a wide array of features and functionalities that enable website owners and support teams to deliver top-notch assistance to their users. 

From live chat support to ticketing systems and knowledge base creation, support plugins empower businesses to engage with their customers effectively, address their queries, and resolve issues promptly.

By integrating customer support plugins into their websites, businesses can ensure better communication, improved user satisfaction, and ultimately, foster long-lasting relationships with their clientele. These plugins serve as valuable assets in providing exceptional customer support and building a positive brand reputation within the WordPress ecosystem.

Interested in learning more about specific benefits a support plugin can offer? Check out the next section. Learn best tips on process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress, exceptional allies in delivering top-notch services.

How can your WordPress site benefit from a support plugin?

1. Support plugins drastically improve customer satisfaction

Modern-day customers truly value exceptional customer experience. They want to receive answers to their questions in a fast and efficient way. So, without making efforts to find the business’s contact information and reach out.

That’s where support plugins come in handy. So, they have all it takes to take customer satisfaction to a new level. Their capabilities include delivering rapid and precise responses, personalizing interactions, and catering to each customer’s unique needs.

This level of attentiveness is increasingly vital in the current competitive environment. Thus, if you want to have happy and satisfied customers, you should provide them with a convenient and efficient means to contact you. There is no better way to do it than installing a WordPress support plugin.

2. Support plugins help website owners gather and analyze data

For your WordPress website to thrive, embracing a data-driven approach is crucial. Relying on intuition or doing things based on a hunch simply won’t cut it in this highly competitive market.

Thankfully, this is something many support plugins can do. They facilitate seamless customer interactions and act as data gatherers. In addition, collecting valuable information from every customer engagement.

This wealth of data is then meticulously analyzed, picking up valuable insights. The speed and efficiency with which AI chatbots perform these tasks are truly remarkable. In addition, there is no room for human error, which is really convenient if you want to save time and resources needed to analyze big amounts of data.

3. Support plugins help cut down on customer service costs

From the most basic live chat plugins to AI-powered NLP chatbots, all WordPress support tools can drastically reduce your customer service spending. Learn best tips on process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress, exceptional allies in delivering top-notch services.

Rather than the traditional approach of hiring and training an ever-expanding support team, consider integrating an advanced support tool into your operations. Intelligent customer service software can seamlessly collaborate with your human agents, offering assistance whenever necessary.

4. Support plugins help your support team grow and develop professionally

The truth is, support plugins won’t steal the job of your team. The ultimate goal of creating superior customer support is achieved by fostering a collaborative environment between support tools and human agents. Moreover, all with the shared objective of ensuring customer satisfaction. 

But how can this synergy be achieved?

Support tools like chatbots are great at handling routine and repetitive tasks. They effortlessly address frequently asked questions, reduce cart abandonment, issue discount codes, ask for customer feedback, and handle any monotonous requests.

This frees up valuable time for human agents, allowing them to focus on personal growth and development while taking care of priority clients and handling complex issues that require human attention, empathy, or emotional intelligence.

The benefits of support plugins for WordPress are pretty clear.

However, there are so many different tools that it’s easy to get lost. How can you choose the perfect one for your business?

Let’s explore this.

Best WordPress support plugins

There are plenty of types of support plugins compatible with WordPress. And there are even more tools in each category. Let’s dive deeper into the most popular ones. Learn best tips on process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress, exceptional allies in delivering top-notch services.

AI chatbots

Today, everything is about AI, including customer communication. AI-powered bot platforms make customer experience as smooth as possible, minimizing waiting times and support costs and maximizing customer satisfaction. Finally, here are the few tools worth considering:



Lyro is a new AI-powered NLP chatbot by Tidio. To be precise, it’s the very first conversational AI chatbot on the market created with small and medium businesses in mind. It has a wide variety of useful AI features while still being affordable even to 1-person businesses. 

Lyro’s key features include One click activation, FAQ scraping, Intent analysis, Scalable learning, and Identification of popular topics.

It’s a fully autonomous chatbot that learns from each customer interaction and can take care of up to 70% customer requests fully autonomously. It’s also quite safe for customer data: Lyro is powered by Claude – the most secure large language model on the market. So, it ensures Lyro doesn’t suffer from ‘AI hallucinations’ and remains a safe and ethical tool.

Best for:

  • Everyone who is looking to automate customer service with AI


  • Firstly, scalable and self-learning solution with many AI features
  • Secondly, affordable for micro-businesses
  • Finally, safe and secure for business and customer data


  • Freemium version available with 50 conversations included;
  • Customized pricing options available starting from $349 monthly;

AI ChatBot by QuantumCloud

AI ChatBot by QuantumCloud

The Chatbot for WordPress is a user-friendly and efficient chatbot solution. It has a simple installation process that ensures a seamless setup for users. With pre-designed templates dedicated to lead generation, customer support, and more, it offers a comprehensive range of functionalities.

The plugin integrates with Google’s Dialogflow and OpenAI GPT-3, introducing powerful AI capabilities to the chatbot. Whether you prefer a button menu-driven mode, advanced NLP technology, or a combination of both, this platform caters to all these needs, providing a versatile and convenient solution for your business.

Best for:

  • Businesses looking for a tool with easy installation and AI powers. Learn best tips on process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress, exceptional allies in delivering top-notch services.

Main features:

  • Finally, NLP chatbots available 
  •  Secondly, multiple integrations
  •  Finally, multilingual bots are available


  • Customizable pricing

IBM Whatson

IBM Whatson

This tool leverages IBM’s Watson Assistant technology to develop and employ virtual shopping assistants powered by AI. With its advanced capabilities, it enables the creation of engaging messages with clickable responses, multimedia, extensive customization, and language recognition features.

Users can also take advantage of a free course provided by IBM, effectively training the chatbot and deploying it on their cloud infrastructure. Moreover, this WordPress bot goes the extra mile by integrating customer account data, such as their name, into the chatbot dialog, facilitating better personalization of customer experience.

Best for:

  • Companies looking for very advanced features and cloud infrastructure

Main features:

  • Very flexible system
  • Collaboration with teammates 
  • Speech-to-text technology 


  • Free plan available
  • $140 monthly for Plus plan
  • Customized pricing options possible

Live Chat Plugins

Live chats enable real-time communication between customers and support agents, allowing immediate assistance and quick resolution. They give both parties an easy and fast way to contact each other. 

Some notable tools include: Learn best tips on process of choosing a perfect customer support plugin for WordPress, exceptional allies in delivering top-notch services.

3CX Live Chat: Choosing Support Plugin WordPress

3CX Live Chat

Previously known as WP-Live Chat, this plugin enjoyed significant popularity despite its interface being a bit outdated. However, recently, it has undergone a major update, transforming it into a more modern-looking tool. 

The plugin remains a good option for WordPress users. Although it might not be as intuitive as some other applications, it compensates for this with a range of appealing customization options, catering to companies seeking personalized solutions.

Best for:

  • Companies looking for a simple low-maintenance live chat tool

Main features:

  • Possible video and audio chats
  • Support of English, Hebrew, Italian, and Korean languages
  • Customizable design


  • Free version available
  • Customized pricing options Choosing Support Plugin WordPress

Tawk is known as one of the best support plugins for WordPress with one of the largest numbers of installations. Right from the start, users gain access to all its impressive features, making it a compelling choice.

However, it’s worth noting that there are no premium features available. The basic version encompasses the full extent of its capabilities. If you opt for the $15.00 per month plan, the only additional benefit is the ability to use a no-branding variant of the chat, without any further enhancements. 

Best for:

  • Companies looking for a freemium solution with basic features

Main features:

  • Desktop and email notifications
  • Unlimited conversations and chat history
  • Group messaging


  • Freemium version available
  • $15 monthly to remove the branding



Crisp live chat has quite an aesthetically pleasing design. Beyond its attractive appearance, the plugin offers plenty of features ready for testing during the 14-day free trial. While the number of reviews is relatively limited, they lean towards the positive side.

Crisp provides its own app marketplace, where you can find various individual features offered as separate plugins. You can easily add or remove these plugins within the main Crisp live chat software, granting you the freedom to customize your chat experience. With over 40 plugins to choose from, you can tailor Crisp to suit your unique needs and preferences.

Best for:

  • Companies who are ready to pay for good design and customized features

Main features:

  • Slack, Messenger, and Telegram integration
  • Widget customization
  • User banning


  • Freemium version
  • $25 monthly for Pro version
  • $95 monthly for Unlimited version
  • Helpdesk ticketing plugins

These plugins create a ticketing system to manage customer inquiries and support requests systematically, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Here are some of our cool tool findings:

Zoho desk: Choosing Support Plugin WordPress

Zoho desk

Zoho is a CRM with ticketing system functionality that integrates with the majority of popular apps, including WordPress. It makes IT ticket management easy with an array of features such as auto-tagging, canned responses, and time tracker.

Best for: 

  • Companies looking for a CRM ticketing tool with multiple integrations and diverse features

Main features:

  • Automated workflows
  • Branding customization
  • Customer experience metrics measurement


  • Free
  • $14 monthly for Standard plan
  • $23 monthly for Professional plan
  • $40 monthly for Enterprise plan


Freshdesk customer support WordPress plugin

Freshdesk is a customer service ticketing system that allows you to prioritize team collaboration. It enables your team to view, assign and merge incoming tickets, and see notifications about status changes.

Best for:

  • Big support teams that always need to be on the same page

Main features:

  • Smart notifications
  • Ticket assignment and merging 
  • Activity log


  • $59/mo (Start)
  • $119/mo (Grow)

Tidio: Choosing Support Plugin WordPress

Tidio Choosing a Perfect Support Plugin for WordPress customer support

Tidio is an all-in-one customer service platform for small and growing businesses. One of its features is an advanced helpdesk ticketing system.

It offers a dashboard with multichannel support, so you can manage conversations from several communication channels at the same time. Moreover, you can segment your visitors and customers and notify your agents with chatbots and custom tags.

Best for:

  • Companies looking for a support ecosystem to offer multi channel support

Main features:

  • Multichannel support (live chat, email, Instagram, Facebook)
  •  Sleek and intuitive design
  •  User list segmentation


  • Freemium version available
  • $19 monthly for Communicator plan
  • $49 monthly for Chatbots plan

There are many other types of support plugins like contact form tools, forum plugins, social media interaction plugins, and more. However, for a headstart into stellar customer support, one of the tools described above will be just enough. 

Let’s summarize our learnings.

Main Takeaways Choosing Support Plugin WordPress

It’s quite clear that support plugins are integral to your WordPress website’s success. It is actually one of the platforms that can benefit from them the most, and the choice is really abundant.

Support plugins improve your business efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, analyze big amounts of data, and help your support agents grow, and they do so in a fast and effective way.

If you haven’t already, it’s high time you considered adding a support plugin to your website. It might become a true game-change for how your business grows. 

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