ClickFunnels Affiliate Guide: How To Make Money With ClickFunnels In 2024

If you are looking to make money out of ClickFunnels Affiliate Program, this guide can help you to become a Clickfunnels expert.

By Claudio Pires
Updated on March 10, 2024
ClickFunnels Affiliate Guide: How To Make Money With ClickFunnels In 2024

The internet marketing world is buzzing with news about how much money people make as a ClickFunnels Affiliate. People are ecstatic about this profitable affiliate program. Time and time again, it is cited as one of the top three highest-paying affiliate programs, and there are many benefits to joining it. The company is generous with the sales commissions given to its affiliates, including side benefits like incentives, rewards, etc. Professional affiliates have exposed that they make thousands of dollars every year with this program. Would you like to join their ranks? If you want to make money from the ClickFunnels Affiliate Program in 2024, keep reading this guide. So, this guide can help even the most clueless internet marketeer become a Clickfunnels expert.

ClickFunnels Affiliate Guide

Anyone with some experience in modern internet marketing would know what ClickFunnels is. This incredible software provides a complete solution to establishing an internet business online.

Founded in 2014 by Russel Brunson and Todd Dickerson, it has been a consumer favorite ever since. Helping businesses create various levels of their sales funnel lets them control the entire buying process.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a tech expert or not—you don’t even have to hire one to use this software. Clickfunnels created the one-stop solution by simplifying all aspects of internet marketing, such as creating pages, finding a web host, managing content, etc. Follow this link to learn more about it. So, a great way to make money on the ClickFunnels affiliate program using this guide.

Are there Benefits of Becoming a Clickfunnels Affiliate?

The commissions you receive from becoming an affiliate are incredible. Not only are you getting a 30% recurring commission for each sale, but you will also get 30% more from sales of products associated with Clickfunnels!

Clickfunnels provides various incentives to its affiliates. For example, you can earn a 100% commission from the One Funnel Away Challenge. But their most eye-catching incentive is their Dream Car Contest. Entering the program automatically signs you up.

Your dream car can finally be yours, as this contest provides a monthly reward for its lease! Find 100 paying buyers, and you get $500 every month; with 100 more, you get $1000!

Train with a professional to become a full-time PAID clickfunnels affiliate. So, a great way to make money on the ClickFunnels affiliate program using this guide.

Make Money As A Professional Clickfunnels Affiliate

Have you heard of the sticky cookie? It’s a Clickfunnels reward that gives you a commission for each purchase made by a customer who follows a link you provided. Do you still think you are not missing out?

Unlock exciting rewards and earn thousands every week as a professional Clickfunnels affiliate. So, use these EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES that thousands of earning affiliates are using in 2020.

Become An Expert On Sales Funnels

After receiving training from a professional, you will gain in-depth knowledge about sales funnels. Sales funnels are the process through which website traffic becomes paying customers.

This is the perfect path for a content writer. You can write SEO articles using Clickfunnels keywords to boost sales. The more convincing your article is, the more sign-ups you will bring. Make sure your article links the readers to their signup page.

Guide To Promote Clickfunnels On Social Media

Create a social media account using any of the available social media sites. Use social media marketing strategies to bring attention to Clickfunnels. In addition, post content that helps promote the software. Moreover, post pamphlets or written sales pitches.

People who deliver verbal sales pitches should create videos or, better yet. So, do live-stream promotions. So, remember that you must engage the audience. Social media helps you create direct interactions with possible clients. Use this chance to establish trust and lead them to the website.

Promote various aspects of Clickfunnels and interact with your followers to understand their sales needs. Once they decide to become paid customers, guide them with the process. Provide clients with your link to enjoy sticky cookies. Moreover, a top way to make money on the ClickFunnels affiliate program using this guide.

Create Your Own Clickfunnel Website Or Blog

Create a website or blog to promote the software online. A comprehensive training program will teach you how to make your Clickfunnels website. You have to buy a domain and get a web hosting service. You can even use Clickfunnels to set up your website.

Post-sales pitches and content on your blog that attract paying customers. Make content that helps solve the problem they are facing with their sales funnels. As a result, did you know that 60% of consumers buy a product after watching a video about it? The best way to use a YouTube vlog to promote Clickfunnels is by creating how-to videos. Make videos about how clients can use the software to cater to their sales funnel needs.

You can also integrate Drop In Blog for Clickfunnels. This third-party integration lets you add a fully functional, easy-to-use blog to your website. With the extended palette of blogging features that Drop In Blog allows, you can have an SEO-optimized blog that will drive more traffic to your site and increase conversions.

Make an Affiliated Product or Service

Brainstorm about producing a product, an affiliated product, or a service. For example, you can write a book about Clickfunnels. Even if you give out this book for free, it will attract more customers and bring you a commission.

In addition, come up with a service related to the software. You can become a free Clickfunnels consultant. You can pair this with social media and promote your service online. Even if you provide free service, make sure you give it only to paying customers.

The point is to think of creative ways to promote the product. Who knows, your product or service might even bring you extra earnings alongside your click funnel commissions! Finally, an amazing way to make money on the ClickFunnels affiliate program using this guide.

ClickFunnels Guide: Reach Out and Find Clients Offline

You can contact your local business and hook them up with Clickfunnels. Aim for companies with problems or no websites or online services.

Businesses are always looking to extend online but find it challenging to establish websites. You can become a consultant and aid them with their purchase. So, new businesses always need help with online marketing. They can reap the rewards of using this helpful software. Aim for startups and fresh businesses and promote software they can use to create their sales funnels.

Moreover, Direct, face-to-face delivery of sales pitches can be more effective. If you are willing to do the extra work, you can make much money with Clickfunnels commissions.

ALWAYS REMEMBER to use Share Funnels

Share Funnels is a Clickfunnel feature that connects clients to the signup page. Every funnel you create with your account has its shared funnel link. So, this share funnel can help you earn commissions from every paid customer who follows your link.

If they already use Clickfunnels, your funnels get added to their account. But, if they are new, they will be led to the Clickfunnels signup page. They will be included in the 14-day trial signup. You will receive commissions for every signup converted to a paying customer. So, always use your share funnel links on your websites, blogs, vlogs, social media pages, etc. In addition, It will ensure that every paying customer you attract brings you commissions.

ClickFunnels Guide Bottomline

In conclusion, Clickfunnels provides an excellent solution for online businesses and ensures that thousands of affiliates generate commissions and incentives from it. Finally, Becoming an affiliate is one of the best ways to make money as an online marketeer. Don’t waste more time; receive training today and become a professional affiliate.

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