ClickToTweet: Share Contents In Twitter Simpler

Sharing content and generating links on Twitter is simple when you make use of the right tool, in this article, learn how to use ClickToTweet

ClickToTweet Share Contents In Twitter Simpler

Want your loyal readers and website visitors to share your content through their Twitter channels easily? You’ve come to the right place. Sharing content and generating links on Twitter is simple when you use the right tool; in this article, learn how to use ClickToTweet.

It’s a Twitter-related service called ClickToTweet that creates a clickable link that allows users to share anything on Twitter with a single click. By making it super easy for your readers to share your article on Twitter, your blog post gains more exposure. Helping drive more traffic to your website.

Why Use ClickToTweet

It’s a web app that helps agencies and digital marketers share links for more tweets. With ClickToTweet, I may be generating links that, when the user clicks, take them to their Twitter account, and they can quickly share it on Twitter.

This service is worth bookmarking, and creating a Tweetable link is a breeze. The ClicktoTweet service offers a dashboard to create such links and see the performance of earlier-made Tweetable links. There’s also a plugin for WordPress for Twitter content sharing.

To create a new tweetable link, use the message you would like tweeted box to compose your tweet and click on Generate New Link. If you are adding a link to a webpage along with your message, you have the option to track click stats and also shorten the URL from the compose area.

How to Use ClickToTweet

There are many practical cases and ways to use this service to reap the benefits of ClickToTweet.

I usually create a link for users to share when they join any of my free courses. This has a ripple effect and helps me get new users as well. The key here is the message that you type to ensure your tweet copy is something worth sharing. So, highlight text, box the sentence, add speech cues, and use tactics to ensure attention.

Summarize Key Points – Pick a key point you made in an article and summarize it in one clear sentence. This will help emphasize and convey the main idea of the text and create an interesting statement for your readers to share and discuss.

Use Inspirational Quotes – Share your inspiring or insightful thoughts and opinions in one click to tweet.

Add a call-to-action – Your content is 12 times more likely to be tweeted if you ask people to tweet it. Tell your audience what to do by adding ‘Click to Tweet’ text.

When I make a new blog post, I usually encourage my readers to share it on Twitter. I make it easy for them to use these clickable links, and I’ve seen significant results with this practice.

How to Create a Click-to-text Tweet CTA

  • Go to Click to Tweet: You need to go to, an amazing tool.
  • Create Tweet: Then start typing the copy of your tweet. When you paste a link in a tweet on Twitter, it automatically counts your link as 23 characters – even if your tweet is longer than 23 characters. Click to Tweet does not have this functionality; you will need to shorten your link in advance using bitly before pasting it into the ClickToTweet share box.
  • Hyperlink text: Once your copy is ready, Select the “Generate Link” button to form a custom link, copy the generated link into the “This is your URL” field, and create a hyperlink to the text you want to share.

How to Create a Button Click-to-tweet CTA

  • Create a custom button: First, you’ll need a social media image and/or button to link to.
  • Create Tweet: Go to and create your tweet.
  • Hyperlink button: Select the “Generate Link” button to form a custom link and copy the generated link into the “This is your URL” field. Insert your social media icon into your blog post, eBook, or website and hyperlink it with the generated ClickToTweet link.

Final Words

Sharing content and generating links on Twitter is simple when you use the right tool ClickToTweet. Overall, this is an exciting and useful Twitter-based service that should be on your bookmark. Where do you think you could best utilize clickToTweet CTAs in your inbound marketing campaign? Please share your thoughts with us below!