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Check out our review about, a PR articles and press releases distribution platform and content marketing marketplace — Leading PR Distribution Platform content marketing marketplace

How can you make your website or business popular and profitable? We will give you a simple but at the same time complex answer: promote it in every possible way. You should find your target audience and actively tell them about the benefits of your product or service. Check out our review about, a PR articles and press releases distribution platform and content marketing marketplace.

What methods are effective? We do not advise you to promote your project by trial and error but to develop a clear, long-term strategy. And an important element of this strategy is placing backlinks. It means you should make third-party authoritative resources lead to your site. — Leading PR Distribution Platform

Instead of searching for backlink sites, you can use a PR distribution platform. There are a lot of services of this kind. We consider to be the best in this segment. Register today and see that effective advertising of your project online can be a piece of cake for you.

Equally Profitable Service for an Advertiser and a Site Owner: Distribution Platform

If you have a website and want to bring users to it, you can find platforms for guest posting effortlessly using It’s easy to work with this platform. The developers have made an inelaborate user-friendly interface. Just take a few steps.

  1. Firstly, Sign up for the platform.
  2. Create a project following the hints.
  3. Verify your site rights.
  4. Top up your balance.
  5. Select the resources where you would like to publish content.
  6. Finally, Create an application and wait for its confirmation.

Now you have to track analytics and monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign. It is as easy as falling off a log. The system provides all necessary analytical tools and reports. You can see how much you have spent and what results you have achieved.

Equally Profitable Service for an Advertiser and a Site Owner

Let’s say you don’t have a start-up but a promoted website with a lot of monthly traffic. Why not make money off of it? Cooperate with and get passive income from placing guest posts and press releases with links on your website pages. Moreover, you can use one account to advertise new projects and make money on your popular sites. Don’t you think it is profitable and convenient?

Thousands of Websites and More

The catalog is expanded daily. To date, you have access to more than 18 thousand resources on different topics. According to this criterion, is a respectable competitor to other popular PR distribution platforms.

But another characteristic distinguishes this service from the rest. The service has a database of not only sites but also Telegram channels. It expands the platform’s capabilities, allowing you to increase coverage constantly. Check out our review about, a PR articles and press releases distribution platform and content marketing marketplace.

Thousands of Websites and More articles press releases

Google penalizes sites that buy links or get traffic from untrustworthy sources. You don’t want to be sanctioned, do you? Use to avoid risks. The moderators of this platform carefully check each resource before adding it to the catalog. It gives the owner confidence that he receives only white hat links.

Sites are checked for compliance with various parameters. In addition, the service has an official integration with Ahrefs and Serpstat tools. So users have complete information about the site, including monthly traffic, domain rating, Google index, etc.

Deletion Protection

It is a true advantage that sets apart from other PR platforms. You can be sure that your content with backlinks will continue to work for a long time after being posted, and no one will immediately remove it after a few days.

Each link placed through is protected from deletion and non-indexation. The warranty period is 3 months, with the possibility of an extension for an additional fee. Check out our review about, a PR articles and press releases distribution platform and content marketing marketplace.

Find Your Topic: Distribution Platform

Is your project related to finance or cryptocurrency? Are you promoting an online store of furniture or electronic devices? Or maybe you want to bring users to a site dedicated to pet care? has a solution for every circumstance. Choose only websites that are relevant to your project using a convenient filter.

Find Your Topic articles press releases

Extra Services is an intermediary between advertisers and site owners. It is the key function of the platform. But there are additional ones. For example, if you don’t have any content, you can go with a website that offers not only guest post or press release publication but also writing services for an additional cost. 

Besides, the platform offers tools that you can use to optimize your website.

  • SEO Checklist. Get recommendations for improving the SEO parameters of the site.
  • Bulk URL Checker Tool. You can check the server code version or the domain expiration date.
  • Google Snippet Generator Tool. Generate your perfect snippet to attract users from Google search results.
Extra Services Content marketing marketplace

The platform supports multiple languages. Here you can promote projects that are localized in different countries. The service accepts payments in hryvnia, euros, and dollars. You can deposit funds in a variety of ways. We attribute low commissions to the advantages of the platform as well.

Final Thoughts about Distribution Platform

Based on all the benefits Collaborator offers, we can confidently state that is the best PR distribution platform. Who would be predominantly interested in using

  • Site owners.
  • Start-up developers.
  • Telegram channel administrators.
  • Marketers.
  • PR managers.
  • SEO optimizers.

Promoting a project online in 2023 is not a hard nut to crack if you use Start working with this platform today, and you will be several steps ahead of your competitors tomorrow.