Did you know that color is an important factor for driving conversions, that companies use color psychology to improve their brand message or that red can increase someone’s heart rate?

A new infographic by the folks at DesignAdvisor brings these and many other facts to the fore by concisely explaining some of the most relevant facts about color psychology and how they can help website owners to drive conversions.

How Much Does Color Matter?

Their research establishes that color impression is responsible for up to 60% of someone’s product assessment, ultimately influencing a decision to buy or not to buy. There is great power in this knowledge, and many companies have used it to their advantage and experienced increased revenues.

For instance, Heinz ketchup changed their product and brand color from red to green as part of a marketing experiment. This led to the most significant sales increase in their history, amounting to more than $23 million in sales during a seven month period.

Apart from facts and figures on the relevance of color psychology, this infographic also highlights some of the important factors to bear in mind when choosing colors. Using blue, for example, has been associated with sending a message of tranquility and trust, which has led many companies in trust-demanding industries such as healthcare and finance to choose it for their logos and design schemes.

Color Psychology Infographic

Color can also be used in more concrete ways, like driving users to click on call-to-action buttons. DesignAdvisor recommends the use of highly contrasting colors such as orange, which has been proven to draw user attention. Extra Storage Space, an online business, saw an increase of almost 8% in click-through rates after changing their call-to-action button from blue to orange!

Packed with cool examples and knowledge about color and its uses in business, this infographic can serve as an excellent reference guide for beginners and veterans alike. Check it out!

Color Psychology Infographic - How Much Does Color Matter

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