Perhaps you have been toying around with the idea for some time and have finally decided you want to get your very own blog up and running. This is an exciting thing to do which will allow you to have somewhere to focus all your artistic and intellectual energy, giving you a meaningful hobby that you might one day be able to turn into a career. The only problem now is knowing where to start. Below, you will get some starting points on what to write about, how to make your blog look good with great content, and how you could make some money from it.

Great Content for Blogs

How to Create Great Content for Your Blog
How to Create Great Content for Your Blog


What to write about

The first thing you need to work out is what you are going to write about on this new blog of yours. While you may have a general idea, you need to rein it in to get the best results and readership. For example, let’s say you’re interested in art. This is a very broad subject, and potential readers may be put off if they think they are going to have to sift through loads of content to get to what actually interests them. So, the rule is to begin small.

You might like lots of genres of art, but you know more about photography or surrealism than anything else. You should start by writing pieces on these and then branch out into the wider topic areas once you have some loyal readership. There are always ideas if you are stuck, such as conducting an interview with someone of interest or running a competition that could strike up more interest in what you have to say online.

Some retro flair

The other truly important thing about your blog is how it looks because this is what people will see before they start reading your content. If they are not impressed, they are not going to click, no matter how good your work is.

One way of doing this is by adding photos, be it of you, things your blog posts cover, or just to add some color, and this will be eye-catching to potential readers. One idea is to use Super Snaps to print Polaroids online which you can then either scan in or take digital photos of to give your blog a retro feel, which is a really popular trend on platforms such as Instagram.

Turning fun into cash

How to Create Great Content for Your Blog
How to Create Great Content for Your Blog


Writing a blog full-time is, for many people, a dream come true, but this opportunity doesn’t just fall into anyone’s lap. What you need, if you want to make this a reality, is a plan of how to get started making money.

The first thing you need is to build your readership, and, in turn, build a rapport with them. A great way to do this is by engaging with people in the comments section and even putting out a piece asking what people would like to see from you.

Starting your own blog can be loads of fun, and now you know where to start, there is nothing stopping you.

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