8 Tips on Creating a High Converting Landing Page

Digital marketers use a converting landing page for many purposes: building emailing lists, selling products/services, and much more, see how to do that

8 Tips on Creating a High Converting Landing Page

If you spend a lot of time and money trying to drive traffic to your website or blog pages without converting visitors into customers, you’ve wasted your time and money. Digital marketers use a converting landing page for many purposes: building email subscriber lists, selling products or services, urging people to sign up for a webinar, offering a discount and many other purposes.

Although people are usually confused about the difference between a landing page and other website pages, it is important to note that a landing page can be any web page, a standalone page or your homepage as long as it serves the purpose of converting.

However, creating a landing page that actually converts involves more than just combining some images, any background color with text and a call-to-action button. Therefore, you have to create a landing page that is as high-converting as possible with action-oriented call-to-actions without making visitors feel as though they are being ambushed. The following tips will help you achieve this feat.

Creating a High Converting Landing Page

8 Tips on Creating a High Converting Landing Page
8 Tips on Creating a High Converting Landing Page


Consider your content options

If you want to create a high-converting landing page, you have to consider whether you’ll use a text-only landing page, text/image landing page or a video landing page to convert your users. Many digital marketers use text-only landing pages to improve their page load time which can affect their Google rankings. Also, users or visitors don’t have to wait for anything to load (a video or image), the text will quickly appear on the landing page.

Sometimes, if text and images are combined together, the images appeal to the visual part of our brains and increase user experience and conversions. A good video landing page can also help to inspire people to stay longer on your landing page and will allow the message you’re to pass across sink into their heads. Each of these options has different benefits which are why you must choose which landing page content will be more beneficial to your marketing goals.

Conduct market research

To create a high-converting landing page, you need to gather information about your prospective customers and target market as well as feedback from your current customers. This can be used to provide a positive user experience for your customers. If you are a service provider and your scale of business is similar to that of EssayOnTime, you don’t have to hire expensive market researchers. You can still create a landing page with the right keywords that appeal to your target audience and their mindset even if what you have in your plan is low-budget market research.

No links on the landing page

Good landing page practice discourages the use of links on your landing page. The purpose of a landing page is to convert or accomplish a specific goal, therefore, you should try to keep prospective customers on the landing page until they’ve clicked the CTA button. However, even if you want to add links to your landing page, it is advisable that they are set to open in a new tab.

Your landing page design matters

Just slapping around videos or pictures and a CTA to a landing page is not enough. You have to create a landing page with all the essential elements of a landing page such as the headline which should be clear, valuable and magnetic, a sub-headline that not only supports the headline but also gives it context, relevant visuals, brand logo, the benefits of your product, service or offer and a conversion-optimized call-to-action. You can also add testimonials since people care a lot about peer recommendations. Apart from the key elements, a good landing page should have a clear and easy-to-use user interface. Legible fonts to enhance user experience.

Use an optimized call to Action

Your call to action button is the most important button on your landing page. It has to be eye-catching with the right color that will inspire visitors to click it. You also have to create a well-positioned call-to-action with action-oriented texts like. “Order now at a 20% discount”, “Get started today with 10% off” etc.

Use the right colors

Colors might seem insignificant but they affect our psychology and purchase decisions. For a high-converting landing page, there’s a need to make use of marketing color psychology. Therefore, your landing page background color should blend well with the contents of the page. Especially the text and call-to-action colors.

Use the right landing page design tools

There are several landing page design tools that allow you to create the right landing page. As a result, capture leads and conversions on your landing page. Some of these landing page design tools include LeadPages, Landerapp, OptinMonster, Unbounce, and OptimizePress.

Visual Elements

Since the brain processes images faster than text. You can make a greater impression on visitors to your landing page with images. However, not just any image add in your landing page. The purpose of the image on your landing page is to demonstrate the relevance of the product. Or service you’re selling to the visitor. Your image must be relevant to what the landing page is trying to convert prospective customers for.

Recent research has revealed that video-viewing represents one-third of online activity. Why is this? According to Unbounce, many people prefer to watch a 5-minute video than read an article. Many successful digital marketers use videos on their landing page. To help prospective customers understand their products and services. In addition, showcase studies and even video testimonials that are sure to convert much more than just text-only landing pages.


It can prove to be difficult to keep visitors on your landing page. Moreover, even more difficult to convert them to customers. However, using the right color, design, landing page design tools, optimized call-to-actions. Adding zero navigational links can make a lot of difference and increase your landing page conversion.

Author: Serena Dorf

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