Cultural Factors in Filipino Mail Order Bride Marriages

Explore the cultural factors in Filipino mail order bride marriages and online dating with Philippines cross-cultural relationships

By Claudio Pires
Updated on February 16, 2024
Cultural Factors in Filipino Mail Order Bride Marriages

Over the last few decades, online dating and introduction services have made it easier for Western men to meet and sometimes marry women from across the world, including the Philippines. The gentleness, beauty, and traditional values of Filipino women make them especially popular matches for American, Australian, and other Westerners. However, these cross-cultural relationships require extra sensitivity and understanding to truly thrive. In this article, we’ll explore the cultural factors in Filipino mail order bride marriages and online dating with Philippines cross-cultural relationships.

Filipino Cultural Values

Some key aspects of Filipino culture shape the attitudes and expectations of its women, many of whom are profiled on platforms like By understanding these norms and traditions ahead of time, Westerners can avoid issues and better integrate into their spouse’s culture.

Strong Family Bonds: Filipino Mail Bride Order Marriages

Filipinos tend to have very close family ties and a strong devotion to caring for each other. Even extended relatives play a major role. Your Filipino bride will likely send money back to siblings, parents, aunts, cousins, or even distant relatives struggling financially. Get ready for lots of big family gatherings as well. This responsibility to give financial assistance can be a surprising expectation for Westerners unaccustomed to these cultural norms around family obligation.

Traditional Gender Roles

The Philippines tends to have more traditional gender norms than Western nations. Filipino women are expected to manage domestic duties, and child-rearing, and be the emotional heart of the home. Their male counterpart serves as the provider, protector, and final decision-maker of the household. This dynamic may take some adjustment if you prefer a more progressive, egalitarian partnership. Explore the cultural factors in Filipino mail order bride marriages and online dating with Philippines cross-cultural relationships.

Religion as Cornerstone

Nearly 80% of Filipinos identify as Catholic, making religion a cornerstone of life and society. Your bride likely has strong faith that she will want to pass down to children. She may want a church wedding and for your family to attend mass together. Religious compatibility facilitates cultural acclimation.

Navigating a Long-Distance Courtship

Since international dating often begins online, it inevitably involves a long period of dating long distance before any prospect of marriage or relocation. This phase poses unique challenges.

Building Trust from Afar: Filipino Mail Bride Order Marriages

When limited to phone calls and video chats, creating intimacy requires patience and creativity. Don’t rely just on appearance-based compliments. Ask meaningful questions, discuss dreams and aspirations, share your sense of humor, and acknowledge her thoughts and feelings. This emotional availability builds bonds despite the physical separation. Explore the cultural factors in Filipino mail order bride marriages and online dating with Philippines cross-cultural relationships.

Avoid Miscommunications

Without facial cues and body language, messages can easily be misconstrued across cultures. Don’t assume tone or subtext. Clarify constantly. Defend less. Explain your meaning thoroughly if she seems upset or confused. Lighthearted banter could read as rude teasing to more demure personalities like many Filipinas.

Handling Homesickness and Assimilation

Even when eagerly pursuing marriage abroad for a better life, your Filipino bride will likely still experience acute homesickness after leaving her family and everything familiar. Making the big move also means adapting to Western culture. Ease her transition through small thoughtful gestures: cook Filipino dishes, celebrate Pinoy holidays, incorporate Tagalog phrases, and be patient as she adjusts. This empathy helps diminish regrets over her sacrifices.

Cultural Integration After Marriage

Once married and living together in your home country, clear communication and compromise ensure domestic bliss no matter the cultural differences.

Clarifying Expectations Early and Often: Filipino Mail Bride Order Marriages

It’s important to hash out assumptions, habits, values, and preferences on big topics like social obligations, money management, having children, gender norms, division of labor, and more before disconnecting on these fronts causes problems.

Maybe you envision a dual-income household with shared chores, while she presumes staying home to raise kids full-time. Or perhaps she intends to financially support her parents back home long-term, while you underestimate this sense of family responsibility. Discuss respectfully, explain your rationales, and find workable compromises. Revisit conversations periodically to make sure you still align as situations evolve.

Clarifying Expectations: Filipino Mail Bride Order Marriages

Hashes out assumptions, habits, and preferences on big topics like social obligations, money management, children, and gender norms before these disconnects cause problems. Maybe you intend for her to stay home with kids, while she envisions working. Discuss respectfully and give rationales to find workable compromises.

Adapting Gender Role Attitudes

Many Western men prefer more egalitarian partnerships with shared financial and domestic responsibilities. Shift too fast without sensitivity though and a traditional Filipina may feel shocked or emasculated by overly progressive expectations. Find a gradual middle ground through ongoing talks.

Embracing Her Family Ties

Recognizing visits from or sending gifts to her relatives back home provides comfort. Include her family through video calls, gifts, and household photos. When possible, visit the Philippines to see her childhood town and cement bonds with her loved ones.

Immersing in Filipino Culture: Mail Bride Order Marriages

Try authentic dishes, music, art, and media from her homeland. Attend cultural events as a family to expand your horizons. Bond over her childhood stories and fun cultural tidbits. This interest and participation in Pinoy traditions makes her feel valued rather than dismissed.

This cultural awareness, patience, and sensitivity lays the foundation for a fulfilling, lifelong cross-cultural marriage with a loving Filipino bride. Compromise through challenges, communicate constantly, and approach differences with an open mind and heart.

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