Salesforce is now the No.1 CRM, which comes to thousands of unique and user-friendly features. Based on the nature of your operation and the industry segment you represent, there are many customization options available on Salesforce implementation. For the newcomers into Salesforce, making it work for your unique business needs is a hard enough initially, but as your business evolves and changes are needed, a featured CRM like Salesforce will start showing its magic in repaying your initial efforts. In this article, we are trying to help you out in configuring Salesforce on how to customize it with integrations, re-engineering the business processes, and also how to develop some custom applications.

Getting Salesforce Implementation to work for you

Customizing Salesforce Implementation for Your Business Needs

With CRM, your tools must work for you, and it should be the other way around. These tips will help.

Do custom configuration

Even when Salesforce features many options with the needs of various enterprises in mind, the unique way in which your business runs should dictate the behavior of this tool for you. A Salesforce consultant should be able to set up Salesforce in order to present the essential components and data for your users by optimizing the workflow.

Platform usability optimization

To start with, Salesforce is not funded to use, and one major hurdle is the adoption of users and retention. Finally, to ensure this, you need to customize the UI with the help of APEX programming language. In addition to VisualForce, which is a front-end framework for development.

Add custom functionality

Even though Salesforce is capable of doing many things by its sown, it cannot everything of your need. A good Consultant like can add the needed functionality for you like triggered actions, custom calculations, creation of appropriate workflows, and more.

Integrate Salesforce org with others

Salesforce users can use the functionality and data of other applications too with Salesforce. We can integrate any cloud apps for two-way syncing and also share data seamlessly. With this feature, you can put your business management on auto-pilot and focus your energy towards exploring new possibilities. You should explore the Salesforce Integration trailheads to know more about it.

Salesforce custom app development implementation

Dealing with a business app, most of the times, you need maybe some additional functionality beyond the built-in features. Which need a custom configuration of the application or integration. As a result, good Salesforce developer will help you build the applications from scratch. Understanding your needs and the functions to perform. This can be done within Salesforce customization with the help of the Lightening platform for development.

Customization of Community Cloud

Salesforce Community Cloud is an engagement platform which helps you to grow business in various ways. By being connected to the customers, employees, in addition to partners. Effective and time-sensitive coordination with all these communities through Salesforce Community Cloud will help lower your overall marketing costs, increase sales, reduce the customer acquisition cost, make customer care more prompt and simple, and also help build the partner network. All activities to be done within these communities like team discussions. Gamification, groups, moderation, in addition to analytics everything can be run more efficiently and collaboratively on this platform.

Customer engagement

You can engage the customers more efficiently with Salesforce implementation. Meeting the needs of the self-service community. As a result, save a lot of time and also help you to sell better. The activities to manage through Salesforce customer engagement are:

  • FAQs and knowledge sharing to groups.
  • Customers can create their own use cases.
  • Escalate the unanswered questions.
  • Allot badges to recognize the different category of members.
  • Authorizing members to endorse other members
  • Community e-com integration.
  • Measure member activities and analyze.

Partner engagement

Through Salesforce cloud, you can help the vendors. Distributors. Resellers, in addition to partners, to grow their businesses along with yours by creating a community that meets their needs. Community activates include, but not only:

  • Sharing the lead info with customers
  • Integration of third-party systems
  • Managing leads by avoiding the scope of channel conflict
  • Creation of partner sales pipeline
  • Initiating co-marketing strategies
  • Adding apps automatically
  • Creation of custom reports and dashboards

Salesforce implementation to employee engagement

By effectively managing employee communities, it becomes easier to stay connected with them and retain them for longer as a part of a community with Salesforce implementation. So, it makes them more productive and happier at work. Through employee community:

  • You can provide them access to files and information anytime, anywhere.
  • Use groups to structure activities and teams.
  • Do sharing of videos and records, company-wide.
  • Auto-generate topic pages
  • Enable users to follow topics of their interest and stay updated.
  • Connect the subject matter experts with employees.

Focusing better on the business impact

While thinking of Salesforce customization, your business objectives should act as the driving force of this process. This is the reason why Salesforce consulting should understand your business objectives and challenges of your industry. You need to focus your customizations more in increasing productivity. So automation of the manual processes, improving data quality. Finally, other custom solutions you may need to manage the business better.

Making app delivery faster with Salesforce implementation

Developing on help accelerate the overall pace of app development and innovation on the go. In addition, there is a features web-app layer which demands only minimal coding for customization. Moreover, offers many development update tools in order to cut short the overall developmental cycle.

Flexibility and adaptability platform offers different options to create or customize the user interface of various applications. As a result, gain better control over UI, you can use VisualForce on Which is a comprehensive framework to crate and run any UI virtually for any applications on the device?

Optimum security on Salesforce implementation can regularly run both external and internal audits to check for any vulnerability. All the data through data complies with SAS 70 Type II, ISO 27001, and SysTrust certified standards. Security is a major concern to all business enterprises as well as administrative entities, where Salesforce is proving out to be a largely trusted name.

Overall, Salesforce is a highly flexible development platform for customization, which can scale both horizontally and vertically. In conclusion, the pod architecture of Force is so unique with custom resources to ensure high-performance. Apps, databases, search features, load balancers, email, storage, and backup servers, and so on.

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