Design Nominees is one of the best CSS design galleries on the web, of course, there’s a lot of work behind their amazing projects. so, we prepare this interview questions so you can know more about this brand, we’ll see the history of this great internet company that’s is helping the design world and showing their works beautifully.

Design Nominees Interview

Who you are?

We grow. We enjoy. We cherish every phase and every moment. We also don’t miss to cherish the memories of past. We believe in the “Joy Of Growing”. We are 9Brainz.

A highly ambitious and intellectual team, 9Brainz is first technical firm of its kind that gives best services in Virtual Reality and 3D Art, in parallel to other IT products.

Design Nominees Interview - Team
Design Nominees Interview – Team


What do you do?

The measure of who we are is what we do. We are obliged to serve wide range of services for IT products. To list few: Mobile App Development, Website Development, SEO, App Galleries, VR Apps, AR Apps, UX/UI Designing, 3D Art services.

But what we do, is never as important as how we do it. Quality and satisfaction is what makes our clients keep coming back to us with new projects and contracts.

Who’s Behind Your company?

The company is my baby. And ‘my’ here is for Ravi Gadesha, the main Founder and current CEO of the company. I’ve been able to pull up my sleeves and roll out different products because of my sound team. The Design Nominees is key idea of our most beloved Sr. Designers and Developers – Aashish Kachrola and Mahesh Lamba.

Design Nominees Interview


What made you want to start your business?

When I see myself 4 years back, the Ravi then was running for quality in IT product services. I was also hustling to join the booming Virtual Reality and related products market. And maybe it’s this hunger that made me start this business with very strong foundations.

What was the biggest challenge in starting your own business?

As per my experiences, the biggest challenge doesn’t come in starting but in sustaining and raising standards. Yet, the biggest challenge faced is MARKETING. MARKETING. And MARKETING. And it is not about marketing the firm name to get clients, as we’ve got best clients from across the globe. But marketing the in-house products.

Who helped you and how did they play a role in shaping the direction of your business?

My wife, one of the best analyst I’ve come across in life is the reason why 9Brainz is here. She’s always closely intrigued at my work, my vision for Technology and IT products and pushed me at right time to initiate the firm. And there’s no stop since then. It’s rightly said that:

“Well begun is half done.”

How long have you been developing/designing?

I’ve been in the field of designing and developing since 7 years. But I’m glad to have people possessing the experience of 11 years in the same field as part of the team. And this has lead to have a successful and established setup of 9Brainz which is running smoothly since two and a half years.

What is your design/development philosophy?

What gives you look good and feel good impact is what will win everyone’s hearts. So, it matters what taste you have. That is the base for any product design and development. Next step is to understand the product well with R&D and start from scratch. The main focus is to develop a taste that drives over all other products.

What advice do you have for other designers/developers just starting out?

There would be three must things on checklist for designers and developers that are just kicking off:

  1. Develop a quality taste. What you think is not just the right way. Years of observations are at  times near to enough.
  2. Convene the right people and other resources
  3. Have eye for detailing

What do you like to do in your free time?

Netflix. One word sums it all.

That’s it, feel free to use the comments section below in the case that you want to share anything and also follow our friends of Design Nominees in their Twitter profile.

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