Design Trends Clothing eCommerce Websites Should Look Out For In 2019

Find here the top design trends for clothing eCommerce websites to look at in 2019 and important practices to be relevant in this industry

Design Trends Clothing eCommerce Websites Should Look Out For In 2019

Let’s not beat around the bush here – you want to make a profit. Sure, getting (or designing) the best possible website is a wonderful goal, a matter of reputation and general pride in your work. But you also want this website to bring you (or your client) more customers, a solid ROI, and to serve as a promotion of the company brand. In order to achieve all this, you need to get with the times, you need to follow the newest trends if you want to stay relevant. Gaining an edge over the competition is no easy feat, but it can be done. And one of the most important places where you have to stay relevant in the fashion industry, and anything connected to it. Find here the top design trends for clothing eCommerce websites to look at in 2019.

Design Trends For Clothing Sites

Design Trends Clothing eCommerce Websites Should Look Out For In 2019


Now, this is an age-old question – sacrificing art for money. However, lucky for you, we expect the trends for Clothing eCommerce Websites are going to revolve around creativity and fluidity. If you want to stay current, and actually want to impress your customers, you know very well that stagnation is not an option. So, tying the creativity needed to stay relevant in an industry connected to fashion, along with the simple fact that you need to make money, we expect the following web design trends to become extremely relevant in 2019.

Invest in eCommerce Marketing with SEO

Marketing is one of the core facets of your business. As digital transformation is the trend today, you might as well ride on that boat and get sailing with your online eCommerce marketing tactics.

eCommerce marketing essentially refers to the use of advertising and promotional strategies to drive traffic into your online store, particularly an organic one. One of the best ways to gain visits and clicks to your online store is to ensure that it’s present in different search engines.

A whopping 81% of online purchases stem from a keyword search from search engines. Therefore, it’s worth considering investing eCommerce SEO solutions for your online store to boost your traffic from search engines like Google.

Get with the times

A trend that will actually stick (i.e. that isn’t a fad) needs to reflect the world and to reflect reality. This can most clearly be seen in all the social changes that have taken hold in the previous year. Websites need to embrace inclusivity and to display the variety of people that may be interested in their products. In fact, the importance of inclusivity in business cannot be understated. It improves your business in every aspect and makes you part of the social change the world truly needs.

Now, to show this properly, there are a couple of things you can do. First, in any photos and images of people found on your website, you should present individuals of varying ethnic backgrounds. In other words, don’t just have white people wear the clothing you are selling, but people from all places and creeds. Also, try to be culturally sensitive. Certain clothing styles, custom t-shirts with jokes on them for example, may end up being culturally insensitive.

Experiment with fonts

It seems minimalism was a key trend in 2018. Now, things are getting a bit more lavish, a bit more wild and dainty. Experimenting with fonts should always be a trend in web design, no matter the line of work the website in question stands for.

This year, we expect some fancier, more vintage-looking fonts, like serifs, for example. A dash of elegance and style follows this style, something we believe will be much more appreciated in 2019 when compared to 2018. Indeed, you want your content to draw attention, to keep people reading, and to, hopefully, check out the products that are on offer.

Go vintage for clothing eCommerce

There has been a revival of old vintage styles in practically everything these days. Websites, cars, clothing, music… The eighties have taken over, the vaporwave aesthetic has already cemented itself. The old-timey look is a must for any artisanal café and home-brew bar. In the United States, Australia, Germany, the UK, everybody is hopping on the vintage look. You’ll notice high-quality custom shirts Australia pines over have this eighties and seventies look.

So, a trend we foresee for 2019 is having the vintage look becoming a mainstay of design. Muted colors that resemble photography from thirty to forty to fifty years ago. A retro outlook, an old-timey style – these are things that can help you break through and get an edge over the competition.

Something a bit asymmetric

There are many factory-made websites out there, all vying for a customer’s attention. You want to break that, to go against the grain. In 2019, we expect people to be sick of cookie-cutter websites and believe they will move towards something more eye-grabbing. Asymmetric layouts, styles, and designs will help your website stand out. However, the challenge here is to find a balance between actual functionality and a good-looking website.

Video boom for clothing eCommerce

Videos on eCommerce sites are nothing new. However, the quality of said videos will now be more important than ever. Before, you just had a simple video or an ad that was already running on the TV. Now, you want stories, you want something more original and artistic. All the while keeping video quality crisp and clear in beautiful maximum HD.

There are many reasons why you should use video to help your website out, but all of them fall to the wayside when you take into consideration just how nice they have to be. The content needs to be relevant and needs to actually help your product. So, a video of an item of clothing from multiple angles. The said item should be in motion, giving some room for artistic experimentation. So, all the while handing out some information that is relevant to the potential buyer.

And there you have it, folks, some design trends we believe will take 2019 over by storm. These are about the past and the future. Use the vintage look, but utilize better video to properly showcase your products. Go a bit wild with asymmetry, but stay classy with old-school fonts.