Did You Order App Delivery?  

Having an application is essential for your business. This guide is for you that need an on demand delivery order mobile app development

By Claudio Pires
Updated on December 16, 2022
Did You Order App Delivery?  

Every top manager in the spring of 2020 dreamed of swapping places with the courier. They were the ones who had freedom and unlimited access to fresh air. The pandemic was a catalyst for delivery app development. This guide is for you that need an on demand delivery order mobile app development.

Your Guide To Build Any Type of on demand delivery app

Now everyone is used to comfort. To get products for lasagna, your favorite pizza, those very shoes from Jimmy Choo, all it takes is 5 clicks on your smartphone without lines, traffic jams, in any weather and at a convenient time. A delivery app can increase conversion rates by 12% and repeat sales by 29%. If these numbers are not enough to make you think about the delivery app development, count how many purchases per day you make with your cell phone.

That’s how much money passes your business. We’re not just talking about restaurateurs who want to develop online sales. Shipping affects all areas of product circulation. You can earn a percentage by creating such a service in an aggregator format. Or speed up your own courier service and make it mobile. An employee can make more orders and bring in more profits.

Never before has the world provided so many opportunities and ways to use such a product. Own app can reduce advertising costs by 2.5 times, because with a positive first contact, the probability of subsequent purchases increases by up to 40%. Let’s break down the intricacies of the delivery app development below.

Challenges make it tough when you order a delivery app

The app is a high-tech product. It follows that its creation can’t be simple, and it doesn’t cost cheap. We will return to the detailed analysis of the value issue at the end of the article. But we will study other difficulties here in this guide is for you that need an on demand delivery order mobile app development:

App development difficulties

  • The delivery app development belongs to the category of complex products. Depending on the purpose, you need a separate application for the couriers and managers who process the order, or a more advanced administrative panel. These factors increase the app development cost. Suppose, you have an aggregator for food delivery from restaurants. You require administrators who will enter into contracts to work, post menus, and start meal cards for the new establishment. You need a separate product for couriers to plan the logistics of delivery intelligently, to reduce waiting time. Then the pizza will always stay hot, and the customer will be satiated.
  • Such projects require competent specialists, both at the start, and to maintain the adequate operation of the application and the creation of updates. Hence, you either have your own developer in the team or outsource the project. This of course will save you time and extra headaches. After all, professional teams have not only experience and knowledge, but also multiple resources and ready-made work schemes.
  • Hence, another serious need is the server capacity and a specialist for its maintenance. Do not forget that every delivery app development implies introducing an online payment option. Therefore, it is necessary to select reliable systems and ensure the safety of users’ personal data. More than once, you have heard news about private information leaks from food delivery apps. This is due to insufficient security and threatens the brand with loss of reputation.
  • Perhaps it was worth starting with this, but the competition in this market is already high. To stand out and claim your brand, you need not only a user-friendly product, but with high-quality design and the right marketing promotion. Modern digital products cannot be imagined without the right advertising strategy to order an app delivery development on demand following a guide.

Operating Mechanisms to order a delivery app

Let’s imagine that you want to sell your grandmother’s cherry pies. Because you’ve never tasted anything more appetizing. Perhaps your grandmother has friends who make lasagna and muffins perfectly. That’s where the idea of a home-cooking delivery app development comes in. Before you run out and look for programmers, developing a plan of action is worth developing.

Start by analyzing your target audience and competitors. You need to know the customer personally: age, income level, marital status, social status, location. It is also worth paying attention to other companies that deliver. Evaluate not only the appearance of their digital products, but schemes and working conditions. After creating and describing in detail the business idea and the basic functions, move on to the MVP development.

This will not only save you money, but it will save time and give you real data about how the application works. And your grandmother will get her first satisfied customers. Here it’s better to turn to professional development teams. After all, you need the right interface based on user experience to succeed in delivery app development.

This is important because the app will be shared by people every day. Once you test the main functions and get feedback, you can move to the stage of finalizing, drawing the basic design and launching the product. So, a good reason to follow this guide while you order an app for your on demand delivery development.

So after 6 months, which is the average time to create an application, your grandmother’s pies will be ordered by the whole city. And you’ll be able to analyze the data and start scaling the project.

Attention to detail

As mentioned before, delivery app development is a product with great functionality. When creating a project, pay special attention to the business tasks that must be solved, this will determine the choice of technology. You should start with the operating system of the cell phone. The product must be available on Google Play and the App Store to expand the audience.

The framework and programming language will depend on this decision. If your company’s plans include a point of global growth in the number of products delivered, geographic expansion, it is worth worrying about server capacity. A balanced UI/UX design will give a competitive advantage. With all of this, it is best to contact a trusted developer who will save you from mistakes and help you create a marketable product when you order an app for your delivery system.

The cost of delivery app development

Of course, you should not only have a plan, but also develop a budget for the project. Savings can be different. If you take a newcomer and gather a team of specialists without proper experience, who have never worked with each other before, you can waste not only time but nerves and get a headache. You can find experts and outsource the development. This will be more expensive, but the benefit is obvious.

Usually, app development starts from $27 000 and depends on the following factors:

  • Functionality, the more complex the product, the higher the development cost. Here, and the number of applications, such as a separate application for couriers. As well as the integration with other programs such as CRM.
  • Location of the developers. It is no secret that the rate per hour for a programmer in the U.S. is $150, and a specialist from India, Russia or Eastern Europe $32. In this case, the price is not equal to the quality, here we are talking about working and living conditions in different countries. Before Apple and Microsoft became IT giants, their codes were written by developers worldwide.

People are always looking for comfort and are conscious of the time they spend. That’s why delivery app development will continue to be introduced in every area of life. Demand breeds supply. And that means your delivery startup has every chance of growing into a large-scale project.

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