Digital Marketing 101: Four Strategies To Market Your Business Thru Content

Listed in this article are four digital marketing strategies to promote your business thru content to definitely give your business the boost that it needs

Digital Marketing 101 Four Strategies To Market Your Business Thru Content

Digital marketing is the up-to-date way of promoting your business. If you’re still using traditional marketing strategies like print or radio advertising without digital marketing efforts, then you’re losing more than you think. If you’re already into digital marketing, you’re most likely aware that there are various kinds of strategies involved, one of which is content marketing. The Internet is a crowded space, and ensuring that you have content that’s noticed and is of value will definitely give your business the boost that it needs. Listed in this article are four content marketing strategies to promote your business:

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital Marketing 101 Four Strategies To Market Your Business Thru Content
Marketing strategies

1 – Determine your unique selling point (USP)

There are so many businesses out there, even in your industry or in your niche. You’ll always have competitors, whether they’re already existing or if they sprout when they see your idea. Your USP is your major selling point, your uniqueness among the rest. It’s crucial to determine your USP because it differentiates you from the competition and be the reason why customers opt for your products or service instead of others’. When you have a USP and use that in your content direction, then your business will stand out. A few ideas are:

  • Always write content that’s valuable to your audience and incorporate your unique selling point.
  • Tie in your USP on all your platforms – websites, email marketing, social media posts, blogs, and others. If you’re unsure how to proceed, get some resources to help you out.
  • Convey your unique selling point with humor. A popular example is Saddleback Leather’s tagline, “They’ll fight over it when you’re dead,” which refers to their 100-year warranty.
  • Show how you’re making a difference. Tom’s Shoes’ USP is that they give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every purchase.

As a business in such a modern time, you should have some online presence where your target audience can easily look you up, read your content, get notifications for updates, and so on. It’s essential that you step-up your online presence to be visible and gain traction. The best platform to put a lot of effort on is your business website. While you might think that you have better reach with social media, you should be able to redirect audience to your site where your content stays forever, and you don’t have to worry about algorithms, and you’re known as the authority since there’s no competition. Here are some ideas to enhance your online presence:

  • Don’t neglect search-engine optimization (SEO) efforts for both technical and non-technical SEO.
  • Use eye-catching visuals. Utilize the best images online, interesting videos, and a visually appealing website theme.
  • Aim for content that goes viral to establish authority in your industry. Ensure that your website content is shareable to other platforms so that this strategy works.

3 – Create a content plan with digital marketing

Planning your content is one way to make sure that you market your business well. Creating a content plan is critical because your audience will be able to feel if you’re content is carefully thought out, cohesive across platforms and timely, or if you’re just “winging it” or posting things randomly. At the same time, a successful campaign is only possible with planning. There are several methods that you can use, some which are:

  • Set up a content calendar. Include information like the publication date, article title, platforms or channels where it will be published, call-to-action (CTA), metrics you’re measuring, and so on.
  • Decide on the type of content you’re publishing and when. For example, some businesses release blog articles on Tuesdays, run campaigns, and giveaways on Wednesdays and post user-generated content (UGC) on Fridays. This way, your audience will see the consistency and know when to look out for what.
  • Use online tools and apps for convenience and efficiency. Some examples are Trello, Google Sheets, Hootsuite, MailChimp, and BuzzSumo Or use a digital marketing company to take care of your needs.

4 – Leverage social media

While you use your website as the primary platform for your content, it’s still essential that you take advantage of social media platforms. Social media is still relevant because it’s where your target audience could be “hanging out,” where your potential customers could be looking for products and services, and so on. You need to know which platform your market is in and establish a community and engagement there. Here are some tips:

  • Share your website content through social media.
  • Engage with your audience by responding to comments, questions.
  • Launch campaigns on social media to get more reach and then redirect them to your website.
  • Search for influencers who can represent your brand and be relatable to your audience, and come up with creative marketing campaigns and influencer-generated content.

Digital marketing final thoughts

As a business, you surely want to get the most visibility, brand awareness, leads, conversions, and sales that you can. With the help of digital marketing, specifically content marketing efforts as listed above, you can market your business in ways that appeal to these modern times.