Digital Marketing in 2024: What Trends Await Us?

In this article, see what lies ahead for digital marketing and social media in 2024 and how to adapt to the latest and future trends

Updated on December 4, 2023
Digital Marketing in 2024: What Trends Await Us?

What awaits us in 2024 in digital marketing and social media, and how can you adapt your strategy to the latest and future trends? Many companies are already creating marketing strategies and budgets based on Internet advertising plans. These include ads for online search, social media, video platforms, mobile applications, and other channels.

Now, let’s look at what trends stand out and what you must pay particular attention to in the coming period:

1- Content Marketing

Imagine investing all your money into creating a banner to advertise on the Internet. Would that increase your sales and get more users to your services? We’re sure it would certainly bring a better visit to your website. But if you don’t have quality content and don’t offer the website visitors what they are looking for, no one would stay on your site, which certainly wouldn’t increase sales.

So, remember, in the first place, when it comes to Internet marketing, it’s the placement of content that’s truly meaningful to your target group, adds value, and is relevant, useful, informative, educational, and engaging. It’s not enough to attract users with an interesting ad – they won’t even click on it.

Digital content marketing includes, but isn’t limited to:

  • Regularly write, post, and promote blog articles on your website.
  •  Writing guest blog articles.
  •  Create high-quality photos and videos describing your business.
  •  Posting educational and engaging content on your business profiles on social media.
  •  Organize webinars or online courses.
  •  Writing e-books on topics in your industry.
  •  Sending newsletters regularly.

The goal of this type of marketing is to consistently deliver original, useful, and engaging content to your target group, which in turn will bring you brand awareness among a wider audience, trust in your brand, and long-term business improvement.

2- Email Marketing

There is virtually no website today that doesn’t offer the ability to subscribe to a daily/weekly/monthly email newsletter. The essence of email marketing is to regularly inform recipients of news about your business, actions, blog articles, and new products, not in the form of direct advertising but through a skillfully told story and interesting content that calls to action.

Email campaigns are currently one of the most prevalent forms of digital marketing, and they owe their popularity to features such as:

  • Automated submission process.
  •  Access to a large number of people.
  •  Sense of personalized messages.
  •  The ability to influence purchasing decisions.
  •  Possibility of adjustment based on the insight into the analytics.

One of the most widely used email marketing platforms is Mailchimp, but tools such as ActiveCampaign, Ontraport, Emma, Sendlane, and similar are becoming more prevalent.

The well-known rule of “be where your audience is “is most clearly seen in the example of social media. Each social media platform has its logic and advantages.

They require you to publish the most meaningful content for your followers, building your reputation, raising awareness of your brand, and increase the number of followers and potential users of your services. This year’s most significant social networks are Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

4- Facebook: One Of The Cheapest Promotion Channels

Suppose you still need to get a business profile on Facebook. In that case, it’s time to create one because Facebook advertising remains one of the cheapest new and future trends in social media marketing and digital marketing, as you can reach thousands of people for a dollar a day and target them based on location, demographics, and interests.

On Facebook, you can also choose the goal you want to achieve with your advertising. This can increase traffic and leads to your website or likes, shares, comments, and other engagements. Facebook Live and Facebook Stories are other forms of free promotion through webinar organizations, sharing business tips, educational material, personal and professional experiences, and more.

5- Instagram: Turning To Mid-caliber Influencers

Several hundred million people use Instagram Stories daily.

This makes this tool one of the most popular free online advertising channels. The content will be deleted within 24 hours, but you can save it as a highlight that is easily visible to anyone visiting your profile. Instagram Stories should be your favorite place to post new and engaging content.

The recent launch of the Instagram TV app IGTV has brought another opportunity for video promotion. It’s an independent platform accessed from an existing Instagram profile, allowing you to create videos between 10 and 60 minutes. Regarding paid promotions on Instagram, influencer marketing is still very popular. In 2024, however, a shift towards mid-range influencers with up to 50,000 followers is expected, as they have more credibility with the public.

The reason for deviating from profiles with a million audience is primarily the increasing number of profiles with purchased followers, which makes them inauthentic for the placement of paid promotions. In addition, the prices of promotional announcements of trendy influencers have become inaccessible to many companies seeking to advertise in this way.

6- LinkedIn: Multiple Advertising Opportunities

LinkedIn has long been neglected, but the popularity of this business social network is growing year by year, and it currently has 310 million monthly active users. LinkedIn is a great choice for promoting your business and building your brand reputation because it’s the most business-oriented network of those in management positions actively involved in decision-making.

On LinkedIn, you can also target your audience more effectively target your audience with paid ads because you can target by industry, business, position, years of work experience, and numerous other parameters.

LinkedIn provides:

  • Diverse advertising opportunities.
  • This includes sponsored posts to paid InMail campaigns, text and video ads, and even LinkedIn Elevate, encouraging employees to share high-quality, relevant content.
  • Further enhancing the campaign’s impact and brand credibility.
  • As a result, there is a great digital marketing trend.

Video content creation is so popular and stands out as a form of marketing that it also requires the introduction of another marketing strategy. What makes video so popular as one of the future trends in digital marketing?

In the first place – the speed of review. Years ago, statistics showed that more than 80% of people would rather watch a video online than read a text because viewing is faster and more effective than reading. It’s also stated that mentioning the word video in the email header increases the viewing rate by 19%.

Use video content to:

  • Make an explainer video for your brand/application/service.
  •  Organize webinars.
  •  Make video tutorials and other types of online education.
  •  Make video reviews of previous users.
  •  Live stream conferences and other events.
  •  Answer frequently asked questions.

You may find one tool useful to create videos – VideoKit, which combines different photos, videos, illustrations, animations, audio services, and other content sources you can use for your needs. You may also be looking for the new Chrome extension Recast Studio, which will help you easily convert textual content, such as a blog article, into a video.

8- Audio Marketing

By audio marketing, we mean primarily podcasts, which have recently gained popularity and become a significant promotion tool. Like a blog, a podcast isn’t a channel you’ll use for direct advertising. But it is an essential form of content marketing, as an audio format published online in daily/weekly/monthly episodes.

A podcast is a perfect solution to share helpful tips and trade secrets. Interviews with successful colleagues through original content with your audience, as well as to promote your business. In this way, you build a reputation and gain loyal followers or listeners. Who can easily become your products’ most loyal customers and users of your services?

9- Personalization of Ads Digital Marketing Trend

Since there was Google advertising, there has also been ad placement using the personal preferences of users and the information Google receives on search history: current location, interest, habits, daily online behavior, and many other parameters.

How often has it happened to you, for example, to search hotels for your next trip? Then, in the next few days, there will be advertisements for platforms that offer bookings. Exactly at the hotels you see on each website you visit? It’s not magic. This is the result of Google’s analysis of user behavior online. Giving users what they are most likely to be when they need it.

The result of these digital marketing trends is usually the increased number of customers/users. That’s why we recommend that in 2024, you do thorough research into the behaviors. Habits and needs of the people in your target group as soon as possible.

This will make it much easier for you to reach them and create personalized ads with much more success. That will be trendy in the coming year as well. We hope this article on what awaits us in 2024 in digital marketing and social media and how to adapt your strategy to the latest and future trends has helped you.