Digital Marketing Tips: Important Things That You Should Have In Your Website

Of all the techniques in digital marketing tips, having a business site is one of the most important. In this article, we'll explore the tips to combine it.

Digital Marketing Tips - Important Things That You Should Have In Your Website

Thanks to the advancements in technology, the world today have seen significant changes in modes of marketing. Apart from just the traditional forms of marketing, such as through print and television ads, some of the most popular and effective modes today involve digital marketing. More than that, of all the techniques in digital marketing tips, having a business website is one of the most important. In this article, we’ll explore the tips to combine it.

This fact is precisely the reason why many businesses today have their respective websites. However, this doesn’t mean that just because you have a website up and running, you’re good to go. An efficient website is one that has gone through an arduous process of web development by a digital marketing team, such as Reibar Marketing, to ensure that all the necessary elements of a good and effective website are present.

Important Digital Marketing Tips

Digital Marketing Tips - Important Things That You Should Have In Your Website

That said, here are some of the essential things your website definitely should have:

  1. White Space

White space refers to any blank space on your site. It doesn’t necessarily have to be white. It just means an area where you don’t have images or text placed in. This white space helps give a break to the eyes of those visiting your website. It’s like giving their eyes a chance to relax after seeing too many visuals on your site. In so doing, it also becomes more comfortable for your visitors’ attention to be diverted to where you want them to go on your site. It keeps your website or page looking more organized and it emphasizes what you want your visitors to be seeing. So, an important digital marketing tip.

Other benefits of white space include the following:

  • Firstly, enhances the legibility of your content
  • Secondly, creates a sense of balance or harmony on your site
  • It increases interaction on your website, by preventing distractions
  • It makes your site look more professional
  • Finally, makes your site look impressive

White space is one of the most important elements of web design that is also in tune with Search Engine Optimization techniques, to improve the ranking of your site.

  1. Your Logo

Your website should have a clear sense of brand identity. This means that your website should reflect your business and your brand in general. When you’ve got visitors on your site, they should immediately associate this with your business. One of the best and most professional ways to do this is to incorporate your logo.

Your business logo should always be present on whatever page on your website. Generally, this is placed on the upper left-hand corner. As a result, an important digital marketing tip.

  1. Balance Of Colors

Some people don’t know this, but a website shouldn’t be too overpowering when it comes to colors. Conversely, it also shouldn’t be too monochromatic such that it looks boring and dull. While it may seem like only a very minute element to consider, using the right colors on your site has a powerful impact on the overall success of your website.

A good point for you to take note of is that the colors you choose should set a tone that isn’t too informal. This color tone should also be consistent throughout all the pages on your website.

Here are some guidelines to abide by, when using colors on your website:

  • Don’t sacrifice readability in favor of colors. The background should be more muted than the colors of the text itself.
  • Match the colors to the branding scheme of your company.
  • Keep colors subtle for the background and secondary information.
  • The font color of the content shouldn’t be too overpowering.
  • Avoid contrasting colors. Stick to colors that complement each other.
  1. Important Digital Marketing Tips: Testimonials/Comments/Feedback Page

A strong online reputation is also critical in driving customers to your website. With the ease of Internet access through smartphones, customers can check out a store or a restaurant online before they even step foot inside the actual location. It’s always a good thing for your brand when potential clients or customers see positive reviews about your company.

Hence, the need for business websites to have a testimonials/comments/feedback section. This page serves as a form of advertising. Even when there’s negative feedback, don’t try to hide it. Keep it there. Negative publicity is still publicity, and that’s better than not have anyone talk about your business at all. You can turn these negative comments into a positive by responding and engaging with these comments professionally. Most importantly, it shows that you take action, too, by taking in the criticisms and using them to improve your brand.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Interface

A mobile-friendly interface means that your website can still be viewed from a mobile phone or any handheld device, without the format of your page getting distorted. Don’t just design your website for it to be accessible through a desktop computer. Keep in mind that this is the mobile age wherein many Internet users today are browsing through their mobile phones. Take advantage of this population by ensuring that your site is still easy to navigate through, even through a smartphone.

Important Digital Marketing Tips Conclusion

An effective, user-friendly, and competitive website is vital to drive more customers to come and visit your site. Else, once your site has loaded, you’re going to see these visitors skip, close, and move on to another company’s site instead. Think of your website as your brick and mortar store, but only that it’s on the World Wide Web. When designing your website, you must factor in the right elements. If you’re still at a loss where to begin, start with ensuring that the elements enumerated above are present.