Digital Rights Management & WordPress – A Complete Guide

In this article, we will talk about digital rights management (DRM) and WordPress, a complete guide with tips and inspiration.

Updated on September 26, 2022
Digital Rights Management & WordPress – A Complete Guide

Digital Rights Management (DRM) can also be defined as a plan to control access to materials online through different means of innovation. DRM allows people to legally use proprietary hardware, software, and other types of digital content, such as ebooks, videos, music, PDFs, and games. If you want to sell digital content on WordPress, keep reading this guide to understand Digital Rights Management and how it works.

However, even though we have copyright laws regulating how digital content is used, tracking and regulating how users consume this content is a bit challenging. This is where DRM technology comes in.

It ensures that users cannot illegally consume content. Even though it is not easy, it makes it difficult for people to consume content unlawfully. Since WordPress is one of the maximum popular CMS (content management systems), its users should understand how DRM works.

How Digital Rights Management Works

If you want to sell digital content on WordPress, you need to understand how Digital Rights Management works. It uses different technological restrictions to manage what users can do or not do with your digital content.

For example, if you sell PDFs online, you can use DRM to control the handsets or gadgets to read the file. If it is a music file, a person can listen to it but cannot share or replicate it. And no problem, an email can be sent and received, and a person can stream an event using a particular device and link.

This means that DRM takes vulnerable digital content and adds more protection. However, even if such content persists, it is important to note that all copyright protection regulations might still not be safe without DRM.

Digital Rights Management comes in two parts. The first part involves encrypting the digital content to ensure it is secure. The second part is the authentication protocols employed.

This part is tasked with making sure that only authorized users can gain access to and use digital content. It uses different password combinations, licenses, and keys to enforce authentication.

Which Solutions Does WordPress Have For Digital Content?

WordPress is one of the maximum popular Content Management Systems we have today. This explains the reason why most websites and eCommerce stores use it. However, you can make a lot of money when it comes to selling digital content on WordPress.

In addition, you do not need to invest a lot of resources and money, apart from the stage where you need to create content for your store. WordPress can make it easy if you want to sell films, games, software, music, coursework, videos, or even eBooks.

WordPress allows users to sell digital content in different ways. The most popular ones include the use of CM Download Manager, Easy Digital Downloads, Pay-Per-Post Plugins, and the WooCommerce plugin.

However, the challenge comes due to copyright issues. When selling your digital content on WordPress, you need to protect the content to ensure that it reaches the right customers. Fortunately, you can do this using this Digital Rights Management guide in WordPress.

You can use any of the following plugins to enforce Digital Rights Management:

FlickRocket to Enforce Digital Rights Management

This is one of the best plugins for eCommerce business owners running their stores on WordPress. It beats most of its competitors due to its diverse nature.

The plugin supports Digital Rights Management for digital content such as DVDs, CDs, audiobooks, eBooks, and videos. It also comes with a DRM system to protect your digital content and only grant access to authorized customers.

PayPal Easy Digital Shop

Using this plugin, you can set prices for your digital files and then sell them without problems. Offered by one of the best online payment systems, PayPal, it comes with a checkout button making the checkout process easy.

This is the best plugin for those who want to limit their digital files’ downloads. You can add as many products as you want and then set the number of downloads allowed for each customer within a week or month.

EditionGuard Digital Rights Management Security System

EditionGuard is the best tool for those selling eBooks online. It comes with a Digital Rights Management system for the security of your products. Using this tool, you can distribute PDF eBooks and ePub materials to your readers and any media they choose.

It supports more than 100 mobile applications and devices. It also comes with a payment system that works well with WooCommerce.

Digital Rights Management is very important for those selling digital content online. You must ensure that you employ this technology and understand how it works.