Discover The Best Time To Publish Blog Posts – Content Creator Guide

So, are you looking for the best time to publish blog posts to get the most engagement? Creating great content is, of course, the central

By Larissa Lopes
Updated on July 25, 2022
Discover The Best Time To Publish Blog Posts – Content Creator Guide

So, are you looking for the best time to publish blog posts to get the most engagement? Creating great content is, of course, the central part of a modern marketing plan. But is it enough to attract more visitors?

Discover The Best Time To Publish Blog Posts - Content Creator Guide

Finding the right time to post can help you attract more visitors get more comments, social shares, and backlinks. It also enables you to understand when your audience is most active and increases your chances of going viral. And in this article, we will share the best time to publish a blog post and how to test it for your website.

If you’ve just started a new blog, you’re probably looking for ways to get more people to read your content. So, while there are many ways to increase traffic to your blog, you may be wondering if publishing content at specific times and days can help you get more visitors?

After analyzing all the different studies, we found the key takeaway is that the best time to publish blog posts is extra for every website. So, one blog might get the most traffic by publishing on Mondays at 11 am, while another might get more views on Saturday nights.

The best time to publish blog posts depends on your audience

So, publishing a blog post on a certain day doesn’t mean you have to promote it on the same day. However, scheduling your promotional actions according to the aforementioned days and times may be interesting.

You could (and we recommend) that you try posting your content at different times during the day; and week and see what generates the most engagement. But you shouldn’t do these tests randomly.

So, the first thing you need to consider is what time the audience is awake. Using analytics tools, you can find out where most of your visitors come from; or also at least where they access your content from and time your social media posts and activity accordingly.

If you are getting a lot of visits from different times and zones, you should invest some time and also effort into finding out if they are accessing the same or other content. In the latter case, you’re in luck: just schedule your posts to suit each segment of your audience.

So, it also never hurts to know what your competitors are doing, whether you want to be on their tails to stay trendy or you want to avoid posting similar content at similar times to avoid being just a voice in the crowd. 

You can and should keep up with your competitors as a natural procedure, but you can also automate this process in part by creating a Google alert.

How to know the best time to publish your blog posts

The first thing to know is what time of day your users typically visit your website. Based sites get most of their traffic from the east or west coast, so checking your site’s geolocation is an excellent place to start.

By using Google Analytics, you can quickly see how much traffic your website gets by looking at hourly and weekday reports.

Google Analytics helps analyze your website traffic and when your website performs at its best.

It would help if you had a website, domain name, and hosting services. Choosing the best hosting provider can be tricky, but you need to consider all of these things when choosing a hosting service:

  • Website speed
  • SSL certificate.
  • CDN provider.
  • Best customer support — Chats, phone, or email.
  • No downtime.

Let’s talk about some important points:

Your goals

Are your goal to get as many views and shares as possible? Or maybe it’s collecting new email addresses or generating leads. As we’ll see below, research indicates that different times and days of the week can influence how people respond to your content.

Your customers are unique

Your specific customers may have different preferences from the general public. For example, perhaps most people are likely to read your blog on any given day, but that doesn’t necessarily mean your customers will. Therefore, it is important to experiment and measure the results.

It’s not enough to publish a post or article “at the perfect time”; you still need to promote it effectively: how and where you promote the post or article is just as important as the timing of publication.

So, what are the most effective methods of promoting new content?

According to The New York Times bestselling author and marketing expert Neil Patel, email, social media, and blogging are the three most effective marketing channels. Therefore, to increase the reach of your post or article, it is good to use email and social media well.

For example, after you publish a blog post, send your subscribers an email with an interesting teaser with a “Read more” link. So, also, promote it on your social media channels.

What is the best day to publish an article or blog post?

You have prepared an amazing post for the blog. So, you know which marketing channels you are going to use to promote it. But when to publish and promote the post so that the reach is as wide as possible?


According to MailChimp, weekdays have better email open rates, with Thursday rates being slightly higher than other days. So, the best time to send is around 10 am (in the recipient’s time zone). By the numbers, Saturdays and Sundays are the worst days to optimize your email reach.

The best time to publish blog posts on social media

Each social network has its peculiarity and must be treated in different ways. For example, the same content is shared on Facebook (which allows infinite text). May not get the same engagement on Twitter (which accepts the content of up to 280 words per tweet).

In addition to paying attention to the aforementioned requirement, it is worth remembering that the frequency of publication varies according to each social network.


Here, it allows you to perform an increasing number of postings. But unfortunately, as the hours go by, the tweets get lost among new publications by new users or by Twitter itself.

The average idea would be between 4 to 15 posts per day. In addition, don’t forget to use hashtags on the rise, interact with the public, produce content that is easy to share, and schedule posts for peak hours; this social network varies between 12 pm and 1 pm.


As for Facebook, it is necessary to post at least twice a day during the week and once on Saturdays and Sundays. According to a TrackMaven survey, the best day for engagement is Thursday at 8 pm.


On the other hand, LinkedIn must be positioned as a network to attract good business. Through accurate publications, you can become excellent in your area of ​​expertise!

Bet on shares of blog posts and original articles that value the positive achievements of your venture. As a social network that followed corporate life; always share during business hours, avoiding posting between 7 pm and 9 am.

In the end, we came to the simple conclusion that the idea is to create and publish more and more content, but without losing relevance and quality. Remember that it is necessary to create a bond with your target audience. They will tell you which strategies are working within the now established posting frequency.


With this information, you can use this data to schedule your posts. After all, it is the most active time for your audience. We recommend posting 1 hour before, so you can guarantee your post will be on the timeline when your audience is most active. It won’t spawn first but will spawn after a few rolls.