Every website, whether it’s WordPress or not, relies on solid web hosting. Hosting is essentially the service that connects your website files to the internet, allowing people to visit and interact with your web pages. Learn more about hosting and WordPress hosting here with WPBeast.

What WordPress hosting do you need?

Unfortunately, the world of hosting, and specifically WordPress hosting, is crowded and difficult to understand. There are simply too many companies offering hosting and its difficult to guarantee the quality before signing up.

This can often lead to people using the wrong type of host or getting stuck with a host that doesn’t meet their needs. Here we try to dissect the hosting world in order to break it down into 2 main types.

Shared hosting For starting out

Using a shared hosting provider essentially means that your website files will be stored on the same server that many other websites are stored on. This is fine if your traffic is low, but there are a few potential issues:

  • Shared hosting often provides slower loading speeds
  • Downtime is often more frequent
  • Your site can be affected by the traffic of other sites hosted on the same server

We generally recommend using shared WordPress hosting if the project is small or you don’t intend for rapid growth. Here are some good providers:

There’s nothing wrong with using shared hosting, but make sure it will provide for your needs.

The pricing is good, starting at just a few dollars a month for each. However make sure you understand the promotion you are being offered as each service will increase its prices quite dramatically after the promotion ends, usually to over $10 a month.

Managed Cloud Hosting For WordPress websites with higher needs

Another key type of hosting is cloud hosting. These services make use of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services or Google Cloud Platform.



Specifically how each service works depends on the provider – some still run a shared hosting model but use clever algorithms to spread the load to improve performance compared to traditional cloud hosts. Others provide dedicated virtual machines for each website, which are virtual spaces within the cloud platform.

Some great providers are:


Dissecting WordPress hosting - Logo
Dissecting WordPress hosting – WPBeast Logo


The advantages of these types of hosts are that you usually achieve a much higher uptime rate and faster speeds. But you pay for it – the services start at around $30 a month.

Dissecting WordPress hosting - Color Logo
Dissecting WordPress hosting – WPBeast Color Logo


In reality, there are other hosts that fall somewhere in between, or in a different category. For example, some hosts provide a completely dedicated server to run your website on. We may need it for websites with a very large user base.

When making your decision about WordPress hosting, you should go through three steps:

    1. Think about your website. What is your project? What are you hoping to achieve? When are you hoping to achieve it?
    2. With this information, guess how many visitors you’ll have a month. Also consider whether you need a super-fast loading website, or whether that’s less important for you.
    3. Choose a host that best fits your needs, remembering your longer-term goals.

We here at Visualmodo can ensure that WPBeast works great and also can recommend it!

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