Add Background Color or Image In Rows

Add Background Color or Image On Rows #

In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base, we show you how to add background color or image to page builder rows. Columns or any other elements of your page editor area. In a simple and easy way using the drag and drop builder design options.

As a result of following the video tutorial above, you’ll able to create a section with an image. Like this one on the attached photo:

Firstly, to do it you need to open your WordPress admin area/dashboard and go to pages. Click on ‘add new’, open the page builder (by clicking on the blue button called ‘Back-End editor or Front-End editor‘. inside your page editor area). and click on ‘add element’ button. In the page, builder toolbar selects a ‘Row’ element and place an element with some offset column. In addition to any other style you want

Secondly, Click on the ‘+’ button in this column grid to add another element inside of your column called ‘text block’. A window will open to you type your text. After you save your text block element click on the ‘Edit row’ button to open the edit window options. The same can work for each column on your row section.

Finally, you can combine this row background options. Using elements and multiple columns to create the layout that you want.

Add Background Color or Image – By Visualmodo

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