Add Icons on Your WordPress Website For Free

This guide and tutorial on our help center will teach ou how to add icons on your WordPress website in a simple, fast, and free method.

What are WordPress icons? #

In WordPress, icons function the same as all web icons. They are designed to draw attention to important web page parts, indicate information while taking up less space than text, and reinforce your brand.

They can click on the search icon to find a specific article, click the person icon to sign in, or click one of the icons at the bottom of the screen to browse different parts of the site. Now that you know what icons are and how they can be used to improve UX, let’s walk through how to add them to your WordPress site.

How to add icons to your WordPress website for free? #

In this guide, you’ll learn how to add iconfonts to your WP site using 2 different plugins, the Borderless plugin, and the Ultimate Addons WordPress plugin.

All Visualmodo WordPress themes come with the best drag & drop page builder plugin, called Ultimate-add-ons for Visual Composer, so you can make your page layout and direct your site front-end with more elements.

Here’s a guide for your premium plugin icon elements usage (info fox, icon, icons, flip box, and much more elements). To make this work, you must enter on your WordPress dashboard > go to “ultimate”> Icons Manager.

Select the page icons to pack that you can create/save and use to upload on icomoon. On the IcoMoon App, you will be able to make your icons pack. In addition, you can choose free icons and only upload the icons you want to use on your WP site project.

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Add icons on your WordPress

How to use the elements of the icon on your pages #

Please watch the following videos

You are using the ultimate add-ons for the visual composer plugin. Upload your icons pack on your WordPress site using some amazing premium plugin that is part of your Visualmodo template easily.

You also can upload the icons on your WordPress > Dashboard > Borderless > Icons Managers > Add New <, finally, for icons usage in the Visual Elements plugin tools usage.

If you don’t want to build your icon pack, you can download our exclusive Visualmodo icon packs to upload on your WordPress by following these links.

How To Upload Icons On WordPress

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