Add Logo on WordPress Sites

Guide and tutorial to learn how to add a brand logo on the WordPress sites header navigation menu in a simple and effective method.

How to Add logo on WordPress sites #

This tutorial on the Visualmodo knowledge base will show how to add your site brand logo. Easily and simply with our WordPress themes

How to create a logo for your WordPress site? #

Firstly, to create a logo, we suggest you use Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator. We also offer you to create symbols in .svg or .png formats. With transparency style and with something like 160 px by 50 px.

However, you can change this size according to your header height style. In addition, we suggest you create two versions of your logo. One in white and another in dark color so it can be used in different header styles.

How to apply the logo on the header menu? #

Secondly, to apply your logos on the theme header, log in on your WordPress dashboard and go to “Visualmodo” > ‘Theme Options’ Header’ Logo <. In this area, you need to look closer at two locations for uploading your logos – Logo Upload (dark color) – Logo Upload (White color).

You also can apply a unique logo for mobile devices (a logo to be shown on cell phones, this logo can have 50px by 50px). Please look at the attached photo to see the logo settings of Peak WordPress Theme.

You also can upload a retina logo and, in addition, combine a logo image with text so you can have more possibilities (You can type the text like in the image above or leave the text field black, and in this case, the text will be the site title set on WP > Dashboard > Settings > General)

Site favicon (browser tab icon) and login logo #

A Favicon is an icon on your browser tab next to your site name). It used to be a little logo in .png format with something like 16px by 16px. However, you can upload anything and see what fits better for your project.

Go to your WordPress dashboard and click on > appearance > customize >. The site will load your front page, and you will see the options, select the > Site Identity < in this area, and you will be able to edit the browser tab tagline and the logo Favicon as shown in the attached image above.

All the image below is Visualmodo WordPress themes logos. So, you are free to click/open and save these images and take it’s an example for creating yours.

Add logo on WordPress sites – By Visualmodo. Guide and tutorial to learn how to add a brand logo on the WordPress sites header navigation menu in a simple and effective method.

Website brand logo top benefits #

A good website logo offers numerous benefits that contribute to the success of a business or organization. Here are ten critical advantages in brief:

  • Brand recognition: A well-designed logo helps customers identify and remember your brand, fostering brand recognition and recall.
  • Professionalism: A visually appealing logo demonstrates professionalism, establishing trust and credibility with your audience.
  • Differentiation: A unique logo sets you apart from competitors, making your brand stand out and increasing its visibility.
  • Brand cohesion: A logo is the foundation of your brand’s visual identity, ensuring consistency across marketing materials.
  • Increased trust: A good logo instills confidence in customers, assuring them of your reliability and commitment to quality.
  • Emotional connection: A logo can evoke emotions and create a relationship with your audience, enhancing brand loyalty.
  • Easy recognition: A simple and recognizable logo lets customers quickly identify and locate your brand online.
  • Scalability: A versatile logo retains its impact and clarity when resized, allowing for consistent use across various platforms.
  • Marketing tool: A powerful logo increases brand visibility and attracts new customers.
  • Long-term investment: A well-established logo endures over time, providing consistent brand recognition and value for your business.

A good website logo is pivotal in brand recognition, professionalism, differentiation, trust-building, emotional connection, and easy credit. It is a scalable marketing tool that offers long-term benefits and reinforces brand cohesion.

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