Adding Visual Composer Content To Widget

How to add Visual Composer Content to widget (sidebar or footer)? The method is a bit of a pain in the butt but if you are just adding a simple module it’s easy and quick. Simply create a new blank page and add the module to the page. Then switch to the default editor and copy the shortcode and use this to paste in a “Text” widget.

To see the video composer page shortcode you just need to click on the ‘classic editor’ button on your page editor after get the layout design you want, you will see the classic editor and the shortcodes, select it and copy to post on the widgets area.

Go to wp > dashboard > appearance > widgets > select the ‘text’ widget to post the codes you copy. In addition, all the Visualmodo WordPress themes includes the visual composer premium page builder WordPress plugins.

Adding Visual Composer Content To Widget (sidebar or footer) – Visualmodo

Visual Composer Content Into a Widget #

In today’s WordPress video tutorial we’ll learn an incredibly easy method to apply page builder elements into WordPress widgets. So that can be placed into blog sidebars of footers without the needs of extra plugins or coding. As a result, we’ll be able to add more advanced elements into widgets. Moreover, create more creative layouts.

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