Animated Text Elementor Widget of Borderless WordPress Plugin

In this Borderless WordPress plugin tutorial, you’ll learn how to use the Animated Text Elementor widget in a simple and effective method.

It pays to put animated text instead of normal text on your Elementor website. By inserting animated text, you can easily draw other people’s attention to what you’re viewing. However, rendering animated text is not easy. To display animated text, you must use the appropriate widget. This is where Elementor’s best-animated text widgets can help. Here are some of these widgets you can use. Use stunning text animations in Elementor to grab your visitors’ attention with titles when needed.

Explore beautifully designed websites and get inspired by how they use animation in their headers to make them stand out. Learn how to design animated headers that enhance your website. Learn how to add an animated header widget to your website, master styling options, create eye-catching effects, and more!

Before Get Started #

Firstly, make sure that you have the Elementor and the Borderless WordPress plugins active on your site, both plugins are present for free on website directory and you can install them very easily following this video tutorial. Secondly, make sure that your plugins and WordPress are on the latest available version, and finally, move to your page editor.

How To Use Borderless Animated Text in Elementor #

Firstly, go to your WordPress dashboard, and add a new page, post, or custom post style. Secondly, click on the button not edit with Elementor and on the left sidebar of widgets. Finally, search for the ‘Animated Text’ widget present on the Borderless plugin.

You can do the setup in the way that you want on the settings available like in the images below. You can now choose an action style for animated text when you click the Content tab. Additionally, you can add before and after the text that will appear with the animated text. You can also add animated text to display with the animation by clicking Add Item. You can delete any text by clicking the cross X button. Set the alignment of text and HTML tags in the drop-down menu.

How To Use Animated Text Access Widgets Sidebar
How To Use Animated Text Access Widgets Sidebar
Animated Text Elementor Widget of Borderless WordPress Plugin Edit
Edit animated text content widget Elementor
Animated text settings widget

Extra Settings & Style of Borderless Animated Text #

After the text is added and timers are updated, you can change and fully customize your content style, like typography, sizes, colors, and spacings of every single element of your animated text of the Borderless WordPress plugin.

By clicking the Styles tab, you can customize text color, and typography, and add shadows. Here you can change the style of text before, after text, and animated text.

If you want to add motion, happy effects, and backgrounds, or make your page more attractive, click Advanced to explore these options. This advanced tab is a standard feature of Elementor. Read this document to learn more about advanced features and how to use them.

Finally, when all adjustments are made, click “Publish” to view your work live.

Video Tutorial #

Watch the video tutorial for more details and usage ideas.

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