Auto-Typed Text – Fancy Text in WordPress

Learn how to use the element Fancy Text in this guide & tutorial, auto-typed text writer from Ultimate Addons for WPBakery WordPress plugin

Updated on April 11, 2024
Auto-Typed Text – Fancy Text in WordPress

In this guide and tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the Element and widget Fancy Text, the auto-typed text writer from Ultimate Addons for the WPBakery WordPress plugin.

How to build an auto-typed text on your WordPress

All Visualmodo WordPress Themes come with the best Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin, called Ultimate-add-ons for VisualComposer, so you can make your page layout and direct your site front-end with more elements.

Here’s a guide for your premium plugin auto-typed text on WordPress. To make this work, you must enter on your WordPress dashboard > go to pages > add new > select the page builder Visual Composer, select an element called ‘Fancy Text’, and a window will open to add your content and text/layout.

Fancy text on page building – elements

Please Watch the Video to Create the Auto-typed fancy text in WordPress Using Ultimate Addons Plugin Guide & Element Tutorial

To use this amazing element. Firstly go to your WordPress Dashboard. Pages. Add New or edit some ready pages by clicking on their name to load the age builder.

Secondly, add the ‘Fancy Text’ element on your page by clicking on the backend or frontend editor, adding an element, and searching for the ‘Fancy.’

Finally, Select the element to add to your page, and a window will open so you can type your text and customize it. In addition, you can edit the typography, colors, type style (from slide to auto-type), and many other options. In conclusion, you can add your unique style.

How to easily build auto-typed text or fancy text on your WordPress site using some amazing premium plugin that is part of your Visualmodo template.

Ultimate Addons for WPBakery Page Builder WordPress Plugin Fancy Box Element Benefits

The Fancy Text element from the Ultimate Addons for WPBakery plugin is a versatile and eye-catching feature that allows users to create visually stunning text content for their websites.

This element adds a unique touch to any web page and helps to draw the reader’s attention to important messages or headings.

guide tutorial learn how use Element widget Fancy Text auto-typed writer Ultimate Addons WPBakery WordPress plugin

The Fancy Text element offers various customization options, allowing users to tailor the design to their specific needs. Users can choose from multiple text effects, such as a rainbow, glitter, or neon effect. Additionally, users can add animation to the text, making it move in a specific way or fade in and out.

The element also allows for font type, size, and color customization. Users can select from various pre-installed fonts or upload their custom fonts. Furthermore, users can adjust the spacing and alignment of the text, allowing them to create a design that looks polished and professional.

One of the benefits of the Fancy Text element is that it is fully responsive. This means it will adjust to the screen size on which it is viewed. Ensuring it always looks its best. Additionally, the element is fully compatible with all major web browsers, providing anyone can view it. Regardless of their preferred browser.

Overall, the Fancy Text element is a valuable addition to the Ultimate Addons for WPBakery plugin. Offering users a unique and visually appealing way to display text content on their website.

With its customization options and responsive design. This element will impress visitors and help make any website stand out.

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