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How to build an auto-typed text on your WordPress #

All Visualmodo WordPress Themes come with the best Drag & Drop Page Builder plugin add-on called Ultimate-add-ons for VisualComposer so you can make your page layout in a simple way and direct on your site front-end with more elements. Here’s a guide for your premium plugin auto-typed text on WordPress, To make this work you will need to enter on your WordPress dashboard > go to pages > add new > select the page builder Visual Composer, select an element called ‘Fancy Text’ and a window will open so you can add your content and text/layout.

Fancy text on page building – elements

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To use this amazing element. Firstly go to your WordPress Dashboard. Pages. Add New or edit some ready page by clicking on its name to load the age builder. Secondly, add the ‘Fancy Text’ element on your page by clicking on the backend or frontend editor, add an element, search for the ‘Fancy’. Finally, Select the element to adds it to your page and a window will open so you can type your text and customize it. In addition, you can edit the typography, colors, type style (from slide to auto-type), and many other options. In conclusion, you can add your own and unique style.

How to build an auto-typed text or fancy text on your WordPress site using some amazing premium plugin that is part of your Visualmodo template easily.

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