Building WordPress Blog Page

Building WordPress Blog Page #


building WordPress blog page: in this tutorial we will explain you another way to create your WordPress blog page, (this method is out of the standard WordPress one that you will set a page as POSTS PAGE under wp > settings > readings < area because the page set as ‘posts page’ isn’t editable and we want to edit our WordPress blog page).  After all make sure you already have added some posts to your POSTS WordPress area to populate the page.

The secundo step is build a posts slider just like the one used on this page (in the case you want but no required) using the revolution slider WordPress plugin features. For it please watch this video tutorial:

Go to your WordPress and build your sidebar following this guide

The next step is to start building WordPress blog page, go to your wp > Pages > Add New > (make sure this page isn’t listed as ‘posts page’ under wp > settings > reading <) Use the page builder editor and add a Visual Elements Plugin element called ‘BLOG’ and the sidebar in a columns row, in the same of the page we attach on the top of the tutorial we use a 2/3 + 1/3 row layout.

The last step is to add the slider on your page following this guide

To make the widgets sidebar loads the widgets CSS style properly you need to open the column editor and enter with the extra class name: ‘widget-area’ enter this code on the column that you add the sidebar page builder element.

Building WordPress Blog Page – Visualmodo WordPress Themes

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