Creating A Portfolio in WordPress

Creating A Portfolio In WordPress Sites Using Our Themes #

In this tutorial on Visualmodo knowledge base we will show how to use the the process of creating a portfolio in WordPress. With a page builder element in a simple and easy way with our WordPress themes and place it on page to show your users your latest works / projects / photos.

Before start creating a portfolio on WordPress site you need to navigate to Wp Dashboard > Visualmodo > Theme options > Post Types > and create your portfolio post type as is shown in the attached image below, a number of post types (set it as 1 or more according to your site style) the name, slug, plural name and save the changes. After that refresh the page to load the new WordPress dashboard ‘Projects’ area.

Firstly, is time to create your portfolio posts, you can write it up just like your design your pages (using the page builder elements to design any layout you like) or blog posts and do not forget to add a featured image on each post before saving. NOTE: you can edit the portfolio body content area using the visual composer page builder just like you did for your WordPress site pages using the elements, to enable the visual composer page builder on this portfolio/projects editor post type please take a look here.

In the case you want to add a portfolio posts filter on the page you’ll show this posts you need to create ‘categories’ and apply this category for the portfolio posts also (just like you did on your blog posts for example).

How to call/add this portfolio posts in my pages? #

After all you need to make sure you have the Visual Elements Plugin activated on your WordPress site, the Visual Elements plugin is a Visualmodo WordPress Plugin that all our client’s gain for free, this plugin will add more elements on your Visual Composer Page builder element (As soon as you active the Visualmodo theme on your site you will receive a notification on your WordPress dashboard asking for you click and install this plugin).

To use a portfolio element login on your WordPress dashboard and go to your ‘Pages’ area, in this area found the page that you want to apply this portfolio element and click on ‘edit’ button, in the editor window you will need to click on Page Builder, and on ‘Add Element’ in a page builder select the ‘Portfolio’ element, like this one on the attached photo below:

Customization the portfolio element in WordPress #

Secondly, when you select the ‘Portfolio’ element a window will open so you can choose your portfolio layout. You will be able to apply animation for this element. Select the columns layout. In addition, the portfolio items style. Remove space between portfolio items. Remove link to the single portfolio item. (NOTE: in the case you just want your site users to click on an image and it’s open a light-box. With only the image and title. You need to mark the option for removing the link for a single portfolio item. In the case that you don’t mark it your user will be redirected to the portfolio post page. When clicking on the portfolio item on a page).

The display mode, if you want the filter or not, a title or the filter, a number of the posts and the order. In conclusion, after you finish your customizations just click on the ‘Save’ button to apply it on a page.

Creating a full-width portfolio in WordPress #

Finally, in the case you want to create a portfolio area with a full-width layout. (getting all the screen size) like in this page: You need to follow this video tutorial to make your portfolio page builder section (where the portfolio elements are located) a full-width section (Stretch row and content).

Creating A Portfolio In WordPress Sites Using Our Themes by Visualmodo

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