Creating a store on WordPress

Creating a store on WordPress / e-Commerce #

In this tutorial on the visualmodo knowledge base, we will show the process of creating a store on WordPress pages with the WooCommerce WordPress e-commerce plugin. In addition, custom it with our Visualmodo themes in a simple way to build a shop page.

Start creating a store on WordPress: I am assuming you have already purchased WooCommerce hosting, we recommend Cloudways Managed WordPress WooCommerce hosting for eCommerce stores, then: make sure that you install the WooCommerce WordPress plugin and activate it on your plugin area, our themes make you install it simply with our one-click plugin installation so as soon as you activate the theme, you will see a message in the top of your WordPress dashboard area asking for you click and install all the plugins, woocommerce is one of them, but if you want you can install woocommerce plugin in the normal way by going on your plugins area and search for WooCommerce, it’s a great and free plugin.

Normally the woocommerce installs some pages on your WordPress when you activate it. Still, if you want to change it. You need to go on your WordPress pages area, add new, and type the page’s name. You don’t need to place any content on it. We will call the page ‘STORE.’ NOTE: WooCommerce installs a ‘shop’ page when you activate it.

Adding products #

Please see the plugin developers documentation for all the steps or watch the video NOTE: you can edit the woocommerce products body content area using the visual composer page builder, to enable the visual composer page builder on this products editor post type please take a look here. 


Creating a store on WordPress: Shop pages #

This is an example of shop page Once you already have a page that you want to transform in your store you need to active the woocommerce template on your STORE page to show products in this page you need to go on Woocommerce WordPress tab, settings, click on the products tab, Product Tab Archive / Select ‘Display’ > Shop Page, select your STORE page and save it. Please see the attached photo:

Creating a store on WordPress: Customizing pages #

To custom your STORE page you need to go; WP DASHBOARD > Visualmodo > Theme Options > WooCommerce < tab area, in this area you can choose the place of your sidebar, the share options, the header options, backgrounds, texts and slider show.

Creating a store on WordPressTo place widgets on your sidebar area you need to go on the Appearance, widgets, place some widgets on the area of ‘WooCommerce Main Page’ and in the ‘Woocommerce Products Page’ you can place the widgets you want.

Creating a store on WordPress

Calling WooCommerce products in other pages #

Your store will have some woocommerce native pages that uses the original plugin templates and are not editable pages however you can call your shop products in other pages or even design your own shop page using the page builder visual composer woocommerce elements, while this usage you will be able to design your own layout in the way you want. For it just go to your Wp Dashboard > Pages > Add New > back-end / front-end editor > add elements > select ‘WooCommerce’ < elements tab and select the elements you want to add it on your layout. NOTE: make sure you will do it in a page out-of-the-page that you set to be your products page. On woocommerce plugins settings (another page) because the products page isn’t editable once it uses the plugin native template.

Creating a store on WordPress / shop woth WordPress WooCommerce plugin with our WordPress themes – By Visualmodo

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