Full Width or Height WordPress Section

How to set a Full Width Or Height WordPress Section #

In this tutorial on the Visualmodo knowledge base, we will show how to make a full width or height WordPress section. Create a full-width row with Visual Composer row element parameters options. Stretch row background and/or content with or without padding. Please follow the video below.

WPBakery page builder has the option to set row full height – access row parameters and check “Yes” for Full Height Row. In addition, it is possible to control content position Placing content on Middle or Top of the full height row. Note: if your row is in the viewport on initial page load the full height will stretch row till the end of the viewport screen as it will take into account content and header above it.

All full height rows below initial viewport will be the full height in terms of the browser screen. Please see the video for a complete example of creation.

The full height row option allowing easily divide your WordPress site into the logic structure. So it can focus customer attention. For this reason full height row very demanding feature for Landing Pages. Sites where the business is seeking to grab user attention without giving any chance.

Another smart way of using full height row allows spreading small pieces of content across the site in order to either have a minimalistic design or solve the problem when there is not enough content for you to choose from.

Full Width or Height WordPress Section
Row Settings Page – WPBakery Page Builder

How to set a Full Width Or Height WordPress Section our WordPress themes – By Visualmodo

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