How To Add Icons To WordPress Header Menu

In this tutorial, we will show how to add font-awesome icons on your WordPress header menu and navigation menu easily using our WordPress themes menu engine.

How To Add Icons To WordPress Header Menu? #

To start you need to login to your WordPress dashboard. after login navigates to the ‘Appearance’ tab, click on the ‘Menu’ once on the menu editor panel make sure you’re on your primary menu (the menu you save as your main menu to display on your site header navigation).

Once on the menu editor page select the menu item tab. As a result, open the menu item editor, you will see a field called ‘Icon’. you will enter the code in this field. Moreover, to get the icon code you can enter n the font-awesome site and select the icon you want, let get an example ‘fa-bullhorn‘ you will click on the icon to get the icon-name, all start with ‘fa-iconName’. Copy this code.


Go back to your menu item editor, and post the code you copied from font-awesome on the ‘icons’ field. Finally, save your changes by clicking on ‘Save Menu’ and all done. Your fonts it’s now in the header navigation menu.

add icon on your header menu using WordPress theme
add an icon to your header menu using WordPress theme

Finally, please watch the video tutorial below for adding it to WordPress navigation menu. Note: All Visualmodo WordPress themes have this easy options to add icons and you will notice an icon selector on your menu editor to a better icon selection.

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