How To Add Icons To WordPress Header Menu

In this tutorial, we will show how to easily add font-awesome icons on your WordPress header menu and navigation menu using our WordPress themes menu engine. Learn the best way how to add icons to the WordPress navigation header menu in this guide & tutorial.

Adding icons to your site’s navigation menu increases the visual appeal of your content. Additionally, it adds a pleasing design to your website. One benefit of having a WordPress website is that you can modify it as needed. This encompasses but is not limited to, enhancing the visual appeal of your navigation menus with image-based icons.

Adding icons to the navigation menu in WordPress can enhance its visual appeal, accessibility, and recognition. Menu icons also serve to communicate the menu structure to an international audience.

There are two methods of adding icons to your WordPress website: code them yourself or use a plugin that adds a menu of icons to your theme. The first method is intended to provide versatility for achieving your desired design, but it requires knowledge of CSS. We recommend using the second method if you’re not proficient at coding.

Keep reading to learn how each method is used to choose the most effective option for your purposes.

How To Add Icons To WordPress Header Menu? #

To start, you need to log in to your WordPress dashboard. After login, navigate to the ‘Appearance’ tab, and click on the ‘Menu’ once on the menu editor panel and make sure you’re on your primary menu (the menu you save as your main menu to display on your site header navigation).

Once on the menu editor page, select the menu item tab. As a result, open the menu item editor and see a field called ‘Icon.’ You will enter the code in this field.

Moreover, to get the icon code, you can enter n the font-awesome site and select the icon you want. Let’s get an example, ‘fa-bullhorn’ you will click on the icon to get the icon-name, all start with ‘fa-iconName.’ Copy this code.


Return to your menu item editor, and post the code you copied from font-awesome on the ‘icons’ field. Finally, save your changes by clicking on ‘Save Menu’, and all done. Your fonts it’s now in the header navigation menu.

add icon on your header menu using WordPress theme
add an icon to your header menu using WordPress theme

Finally, please watch the video tutorial below to add it to the WordPress navigation menu. Note: All Visualmodo WordPress themes have this easy options to add icons, and you will notice an icon selector on your menu editor for a better icon selection.

Alt Option To Icon On Your Header Navigation Menu (Work in Any WordPress Theme) #

It’s simple to add an image or icon to a menu item. Improving the navigation of a website. Manipulate the placement and size of the icon or image. Learn the best way how to add icons to the WordPress navigation header menu in this guide & tutorial. Using our themes and using any theme

To install the Menu Image WordPress plugin, go to the admin menu and select “Add New” in the search bar. You should type “Menu Image.” After that, click the “install” button and follow the instructions to activate the software.

The image on the menu is enabled and ready to be employed after the plugin is activated. Head to the Image menu and check the standard options there. To add images or icons to your menu items, go to Appearance – Menus and select the desired menu item, then hover and click on the “Menu Image” option.

Go to Appearance – Menus and select the desired menu. After visiting the menu items and clicking the “Menu Image” button in the icon menu. It will open a modal that allows you to choose between an image or an icon.

When choosing the Icon option, you can use the Dashicons that are built-in to WordPress or the Fontawesome Icons.

To alter the sizes of the Menu Image’s images, go to the Menu Image options.

Alter the desired sizes, then regenerate the thumbnail images in order to produce new images of the desired size. We advocate the usage of the Regenerate Thumbnails plugin.

Is it possible to add SVG icons to WordPress menus? #

Yes, you can upload an SVG file to WordPress. However, since WordPress doesn’t have built-in support for SVG, you must manually enable it via a plugin or by editing the functions.php file.

Regardless of your chosen method, restrict the permissions for SVG uploads and sanitize SVG files before submitting them to decrease security risks.

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