How To Create a Coming Soon Page In WordPress?

In today’s tutorial, we’ll explain a simple and alternative method to create a fully customizable coming soon page in WordPress sites without the needs of extra plugins or coding knowledge, just using the native WordPress themes features. This guide also can be used for a maintenance page creation.

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A coming soon page is very useful while website development process, you can use it for hiding non-completed pages so your site visitor can have some information about the new site, as a countdown timer, in short, this kind of pages are very good for sites under construction.

Coming Soon Page Creation #

the process shown in the video: (Note: This is a fully customizable option, the process it’s just an idea).

  1. Firstly, make sure that you have your Visualmodo WordPress theme and all the plugins that you gain while this theme usage activates and working, you can do that by following this guide.
  2. Secondly, go to your WordPress dashboard, pages, add new, and apply a row element on it using the page builder plugin.
  3. In this ‘Row’ element, add the column layout that you want so you can apply your content.
  4. Inside this column apply the ‘Countdown’ page builder element besides any other elements that you want, like widgets, text block, email sign-in, site logo or any other.
  5. Hide the page navigation header menu and footer sections following this guide.
  6. Save the page and publish it. You can save the page as a template if you want by following this guide.
  7. Finally set up this page to be your ‘front-page’ under WP, dashboard, settings, reading.

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