How To Create a Coming Soon Page In WordPress?

Learn a quick and easy guide & tutorial on how to create a fully customizable coming soon page in your WordPress website without coding

Updated on April 11, 2024
How To Create a Coming Soon Page In WordPress?

In today’s tutorial, we’ll explain a simple and alternative method to create a fully customizable coming soon page in WordPress sites without needing extra plugins or coding knowledge, using native WordPress themes features. This guide also can be used for a maintenance page creation. Learn a quick and easy guide & tutorial on how to create a coming soon page in WordPress

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A coming soon page is handy while the website development process. You can use it for hiding non-completed pages so your site visitor can have some information about the new site, as a countdown timer. In short, this kind of page is perfect for areas under construction.

Coming Soon Page Creation

is the process shown in the video: (Note: This is a fully customizable option; the process is just an idea).

  1. Firstly, ensure you have your Visualmodo WordPress theme and all the plugins you gain while this theme usage activates and works. You can do that by following this guide.
  2. Secondly, go to your WordPress dashboard and pages, add new ones, and apply a row element using the page builder plugin.
  3. Add the column layout you want to apply your content in this’ Row’ element.
  4. In this column, apply the ‘Countdown’ page builder element besides any other details you want, like widgets, text blocks, email sign-in, site logos, etc.
  5. Hide the page navigation header menu and footer sections following this guide.
  6. Save the page and publish it. You can save the page as a template by following this guide.
  7. Finally, set up this page as your ‘front page’ under WP, dashboard, settings, and reading.

Alt Option (Templates) for Coming Soon Page WordPress Tutorial

Learn an alt quick and easy guide & tutorial on how to create a coming soon page in WordPress website.

What is the definition of a ‘coming soon landing page’?

A landing page up during the launch phase is sometimes the ‘pre-launch page’. It’s primarily present to promote new products. Whether it’s a whole company, a new product, or a line of products.

If you examine a template for a landing page scheduled to come soon, you will see that it has a more disorganized or vacant appearance. And no, you’re not wrong. That is what a “coming soon” page should look like.

A landing page scheduled to arrive is a webpage intended to instill curiosity and anticipation in people by providing them with minimal information on the WordPress coming soon page.

The most effective coming soon page inspires curiosity because it implies that people have virtually no knowledge.

A landing page that prepares to land gives away just one crucial detail of what is about to arrive, and that’s it. The remainder of the procedure is simply an automatic consequence of this initiative.

Even if your product or business is relatively new, the template for the page that will lead to your product or service is mostly just a blank web page with a few sentences. This page gives the first impression. What is the first impression?

You may ask yourself. The initial impression of what the product or company represents. What emotion do you want to instill in your prospective clients?

A superficial similarity in color and pattern can draw customers toward your business without them knowing the specifics of the product they’re considering purchasing.

When is it appropriate to create a landing page for a coming soon event?

A landing page that will be ready in a few days is a specific promotional method and cannot be utilized at will. You must be sure that there is a necessity to create a coming soon page because a coming soon page is practically useless if used at the wrong time. Or even if the product launch was for the wrong kind of product in the WordPress coming soon page.

However, businesses that are elderly and already successful often overestimate the power of a thought-out template for a coming soon page. Simply because their company already has a large market for older products doesn’t mean they shouldn’t try new products.

This is why established and new companies must take advantage of the potential of promoting their new products with the help of a coming soon page.

Some examples of instances when using a coming soon landing page are essential may be as follows.

  • When introducing a new flavor to a snack
  • Introducing a fresh scent to the perfume company
  • Developing a line of complementary products for your company.
  • Sales, special offers and promotions, special events, times, and days.
  • Introducing a new and innovative version of an existing product
  • Resolving customer issues and fixing flaws in your current product.

If you consider, all of these are crucial parts of business life. This demonstrates the importance of a coming soon page to a business that employs it effectively.

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