How To Create A Custom Slider In WordPress For Free? Borderless & Elementor Tutorial

Do you want to create a responsive custom slider for your WordPress website? Sliders are often used on the homepage of a business or portfolio website. They help showcase your best-selling products and related content to your audience. In today’s Borderless WordPress plugin tutorial we’ll learn how to create a customizable slider show in your WordPress website for free, using Elementor and Borderless WordPress plugins in a simple and fast method.

Visualmodo YouTube Video Tutorial – Slider Borderless

In this article, we’ll show you how to easily add a WordPress slider with Soliloquy so you can add fast, responsive, and beautiful sliders to your website. Sliders are a great design resource to use on your website.

What Is a Custom WordPress Slider? #

For those who want to add a slider to their website, there are various slider plugins available online. One such free WordPress plugin is Borderless – a responsive slider plugin that offers a range of effects.

Users can create sliders from scratch or choose from one of more than 200 pre-made templates. This slider plugin includes interactive and dynamic effects. Sliders (or carousels) are actually pretty simple functions. So, sliders are collections of images that you can use buttons or wait for to automatically transform. In other words, it’s a slideshow of images.

However, you can do more with the slider. You can also add fun transitions to it, change its text, create unique buttons, and more. In short, there are many ways to go from a boring everyday slider to something that really makes your website stand out using a WordPress custom slider.

When it makes sense to use a slider depends on your website and goals. Many websites use what’s called a “hero” slider, which acts as an alternate title spread across the top of the page. Moreover, You can see an example of this at the beginning of this section. In addition to the hero slider, you can also create testimonials and customer carousels like this:

How To Create a Custom Slider in WordPress Using Borderless Plugin? #

Firstly, make sure that you have installed and activate the Elementor and the Borderless WordPress plugins, you can install both directly on your WordPress dashboard. Plugins. Add new. Search for the plugin name and install. All for free.

After this, navigate to your Page, and add new. Edit with Elementor, and on the left side of your screen, search for an element ‘Slider’. In addition, apply your images and edit the contents. Moreover, you can fully customize the slider of your WordPress custom slider. Change positions, colors, and play. pause, right, and much more.

Editor Screen #

How To Create A Custom Slider In WordPress For Free? Borderless & Elementor Tutorial - widget list
Slider Elementor on widgets list
How To Create A Custom Slider In WordPress For Free? Borderless & Elementor Tutorial - content
Add a new slider to edit the content to add images
Customize the layout of your sliders and the height
Choose the option of your slider
Edit the content position and sizing of your slider
Customize the colors, position, and much more of your slider arrows and dots

Conclusion #

As soon as you have finished the editing of your custom WordPress slider using Borderless plugin, remember to apply it where you want, dragging and dropping the content across your page and customizing the section where the slider is located to make it full width as we did at the end of the video.

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