How To Install Anzu WordPress Theme Recommended Plugins

In this tutorial, we’ll learn the most simple and effective method to install the required and recommended Anzu WordPress theme plugins. ”This theme recommends the following plugins”. This is a very common WordPress notice when you activate a new theme. Have you ever noticed this? The ones that our Anzu free WordPress theme uses on its demonstrative pages are all easy and for free.

WordPress it’s amazon and has tons of tools for it, millions of plugins. Thousands of themes of your choice, and WP only allows a single theme to be active on your site. But has no limitation on the number of plugins that you can have. Luckily for you, you already have your Anzu theme. However, you still need some plugins to make your site stands out. and for it, you’ll need to install the Anzu WordPress theme recommended lugins.

Please follow the steps below to install the plugins that our Anzu WordPress theme recommends for your site. So, don’t worry, there’s no need to download files or pay anything, it’s all for free.

Why You Should Install Theme Required Plugins? #

Install and keep active or not a plugin is up to your site needs. But if a WordPress theme developers some plugin, it’s probably because it has been used. So, one or more of the themes demonstrate websites (pre-built websites). Like our Borderless plugin for example. Anzu theme recommends it. As a result, the Anzu theme uses its elements in order to create some amazing pages. Finally, if you do not install it, it’ll not be able to use the same elements.

Installation Process #

To install the Anzu WP theme recommended plugins. Please activate your theme, and as soon as you do that, you’ll see a message on the top of your WordPress dashboard with the text. ”This theme recommends the following plugins” Click on the install button so you can be redirected to the plugins installed page, where you can see the plugins list and click on install the plugins without the need of downloading or uploading files.

Please follow the video for more details

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